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A/UX Programming Software

3270 Rmulator - A 3270 emulator for A/UX... Now you can connect to your favorite IBM mainframe. From Eric Hagberg.

aub.2.0.5.shar.gz - The Assemble Usenet Binaries package. It'll collect and assemble Usenet binaries that you specify.

bbs 2.2 for A/UX - Make your A/UX box a BBS server. Use the bbs v2.2 utility! Fully ported for A/UX. Provided by Jon Stevens (

Berkeley make - Port of the Berkeley make package as well as the additional 'tmac' macros needed by it.

ctwm.bin.tar.gz - inary of the 'ctwm' window manager for A/UX's X environment.

ctwm.lib.tar.gz - Libraries of the 'ctwm' window manager for A/UX's X environment. fortune.tar.gz = version of fortune for A/UX. Contains fortunes from 'startrek', 'simpsons' and 'zippy'. Very nice.

GNUzip - Tar archive of the GNU zip compression package. Includes all binaries and man pages for A/UX.

kermit - Port of the latest version of kermit (5A(189)) for A/UX. Better and faster than the version provided with A/UX. Includes man page.


lc.tar.gz - A nice alternative to ls.

mandoc - The Berkeley 'mandoc' package. Works very well with the above Berkeley 'make' package. Ported and provided by Phillip Porch (

make - Port of the Berkeley make package as well as the additional 'tmac' macros needed by it. Provided by Phillip P. Porch (

mpeg_play binaries - Complete binaries of mpeg_play v2.0

msgs.tar.gz - Includes binary and source

mush.724.tar.gz - I guess this is version 724

NetHack - ncludes a nice README that you really should read.

netlist - useful for looking at AppleTalk networks. Check it out

perl 5.00401 - Complete binary package of perl 5.00401 for A/UX 3.1(.1). Includes binaries, libraries and man-pages. This compile of Perl5 contains ALL Perl extensions.



procmail 3.10 - Procmail 3.10 compiled for A/UX. Full source.

pstree.bin.tar.gz - generates ps output in a tree-like format

scsiprobe - Neat little program that prints out useful info (like vendor, product, etc...)about your attached SCSI devices.

showaudio - external viewer for users who run Mosaic under X


upsl0.tar.gz - Neat little program that maintains SLIP connections for you.

vtwm.tar.gz - Ported copy of Virtual TWM

Xmeter - Binary release of the xmeter utility

xrn6-17.bin.tar.gz - Binary executable for xrn v6.17

xv-3.0.bin.tar.gz - The X-windows graphics viewer, v3.0

zmodem - Binary of the zmodem communication package.

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