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Cheyenne Software World Headquarters Cheyenne Software, Inc. 3 Expressway Plaza Roslyn Heights, New York 11577 Main Telephone: (516) 465-4000 Corporate Sales Telephone: (800) 243-9462 Fax: (516) 484-2489 Email: Federal Sales Telephone: (800) 243-9462 x3627 (Carrie King) Email: World Wide Systems Integrators Jason Vitelli Email: Technical Support (Network Products) Telephone: (800) CHEY-TEC or (800) 243-9832 Technical Support Fax: (516) 465-5115 Technical Support (Desktop Products) Telephone: (214) 840-6781 Online Services Cheyenne InfoFax: (516) 465-5979 Cheyenne Software BBS: (516) 465-3900 InocuLAN GetBBS: (516) 465-3930 CompuServe: GO CHEYENNE World Wide Web: FTP: Technical Support Email (by product): ARCserve for Windows NT ARCserve 6.x ARCserve 5.x ARCserve 4.x ARCserve Open ARCserve for Macintosh ARCsolo for OS/2 ARCsolo for Windows ARCsolo for Windows 95 ARCsolo for DOS Bit Products Infinite Disk FAXserve for NetWare HSM for NetWare InocuLAN for NetWare InocuLAN for Windows NT InocuLAN for Windows 95 Monitrix for NetWare OSM for OS/2 Please do not attach files (particularly virus samples) to email messages. Use FTP or the BBS for attachments. Cheyenne Software European Headquarters Cheyenne Software S.A.R.L. Bel Air Building, 58, rue Pottier 78150 Le Chesnay, France Main Telephone: +33-1-39-23-18-80 Fax Number: +33-1-39-63-33-41 European Technical Support Southern Europe (Le Chesnay, France) Telephone: + Fax: + BBS: + Northern Europe (Redhill, Engand) Telephone: 44.(0).990.134.216 Fax: 44.(0).173.777.5520 BBS: 44.(0).990.143.012 InocuLAN GetBBS: 44.(0).990.134.237 Central Europe (Munich, Germany) Telephone: 49.89.627241.50 Fax: 49.89.627241.41 BBS: 49.89.627241.80 InocuLAN GetBBS: 49.89.627241.87 Offices United Kingdom Cheyenne Software, Ltd. Stonecroft 69 Station Road Redhill, Surrey RH1 1DL England Main Telephone: +44-(0)1- 737-775500 Fax Number: +44-(0)1-737-775520 Germany Cheyenne Software Deutschland GmbH Niederlassung Munchen Bayerwaldstr. 3 81737 Munchen Germany Main Telephone: +49-89-638254-0 Fax Number: +49-89-638254-40 Japan Cheyenne Software K.K. Sumitomo Fudosan Sanbanchi Building 3F, 6-26, Sanban-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102 Japan Main Telephone: +81-3-3222-3750 Fax Number: 81-3-3222-3756 Brazil Cheyenne Software, Inc. Av. Cidade Jardim 400, 20o. andar Sao Paulo, SP CEP: 01454-902 Brazil Main Telephone: +55-11-818-8971 Fax Number: +55-11-814-1149 Australia Cheyenne Software, Inc. Level 14 33 Berry Street North Sydney 2060 Australia Main Telephone: +61-2-959-1944 Fax Number: +61-2-959-3003

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