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O.S. Articles & Tutorials

Design of the UNIX operating System

Digital Unix Documentation

Introduction to Unix - This document is intended to introduce you to the UNIX operating system. It will provide you with a basic understanding of the UNIX operating system, its file and directory structure, basic UNIX commands, and how to get on-line help.

On the Design of the UNIX operating System - This article was written about 10 years ago, and published in various UNIX newsletters across the world. I thought that it should be revived to mark the first 25 years of UNIX.

Plan 9 - A new computer operating system and associated utilities. It has been built over the past several years by the Computing Science Research Center of AT&T Bell Laboratories, the same group that developed Unix, C, and C++.

Quick Unix Guide - The purpose of this training page is to give you some background on the more common and useful commands of unix.

Six Unix OS flavors run the gamut

Unix is a Four Letter Word - By Christopher C. Taylor. Copyright 1993.

Unix-to-NT - t how to port UNIX applications to Microsoft's Windows NT.

Unix Guide (In French)

Unix Primer

Unix Reference Card - Quick reference list, descriptions of commonly used commands and what they do. Includes command line options.

Unix System Administration Independent Learning - The USAIL project is both an independent study course for prospective system administrators and a reference resource. Unix System Administration Independent Learning Self-Evaluation Quiz

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