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PC Related Software Vendors

AGE Logic - A leading developer of desktop-to-UNIX connectivity products. AGE provides a full family of high-performance X server products for both PC and Macintosh systems.

FreeBSD - A port of BSD 4.4 Lite to the PC platform with an emphasis on ease-of-installation and stability under heavy load (see also: Free and with full source, an admin's dream OS for web, ftp and NFS servers, IP gateways and firewalls, home development systems, you name it!

GraphOn - Software for fast remote access of X applications from a Windows desktop. Thin client on the PC and centrally located X Agent provides performance of up to three times that of a PC X Server..

Insignia - SoftWindows allows UNIX users to run DOS applications and Windows applications on their workstations at up to 486 PC performance levels.

InterCon Systems Corp. - Provide cutting edge technology to corporate and consumer Macintosh and Windows users in cross-platform Internet connectivity software.

James River Group - Its product ICE.TCP is for connecting Windows or DOS PCs to UNIX systems. One family of products can serve both serial and network needs, with support for DOS, Windows, and UNIX in a single package.

JSB MultiView Software - Products that provide the ability for character terminals to perform more than one function at a time and allow the PC user an environment in which to access UNIX applications from a client/server network.

Locus Computing Corp. - PC-Interface networking software adds PC server capabilities to your Intel or RISC Unix system.

Magnus Computing - UNIX tools for DOS

MKS Toolkit - Unix Commands that run on a PC.

PC-Enterprise - Delivers NFS, AFS, DFS/DCE and UNIX file systems to your Windows 95 Network Neighborhood.

PC-Xware - accessing your UNIX resources is not only simple, it's fast. With performance measurements ranging up to 4 Xmarks and over 250,000 Xstones, PC-Xware rivals the speed of some of the fastest dedicated X terminals.

PCUTE - a PC UNIX Terminal Emulatation (hence PCUTE) software. It is available in a base product, a plus product which includes file transfer capabilities and enhanced which has a TCP/IP component.

PC/TCP - Super powerful and super popular FTP Software networking package from UniPress. We will NOT be undersold.

PhoeniX Software Solutions, Inc. - Check out the wide array of alternative selections of TCP/IP products and X servers for connection to UNIX.

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc - Classic UNIX tools running on Windows95 and WindowsNT platforms. Connectivity software. Emacs, perl, and more

Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) - UNIX operating systems and related solutions for the PC industry.

systemV - Unix for Intel x86 processors.

Wind/U - The Bristol Technology family of Wind/U products offers developers compatibility between Microsoft Windows and UNIX/Motif.

WinZip - shareware utility with support for ZIP, TAR, gzip, and Unix compress files, and supports ARJ, LHA, and ARC via external programs.

XLink - Provides PC-UNIX connectivity software. Products for PC's using Microsoft platforms ranging from MS DOS to Windows 95.

Zmail (UniPress Software, Inc.) - The popular NCD email-er for Unix, Windows and Mac. Consistent cross-platform interface. UniPress will NOT be undersold.

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