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SYS ADMIN MAGAZINE - The Journal for Unix System Administrators
;login - the magazine of USENIX and SAGE.

Platform/Flavor Specific
Eklektix, Inc. - Extensive weekly news on all aspects of the Linux system. Primary sections include kernel, press, development, security, distros, and ports.
HP Chronicle - an independent monthly tabloid dedicated to HP 3000 and HP 9000 midrange systems. Each issue includes news, focus, features, departments, user group issues, new products, and product reviews.
Linux Journal
Sun Server - a news tabloid that features information for users and prospective users of Sun technology running commercial networking, Internet and intranet applications.

General Unix
DaemonNews - News and views for the BSD community.
IT World
IX Multiuser Multitasking Magazine - (In German)
Open Computing
Server/Workstation Expert
Unix News International
Unix Reviews Performance Computing
Unix World

Unix Application/Programs/Languages
The Perl Journal

Other Useful Magazines
Bearpark Publishing
Cisco World - Features news from Cisco andthe internetworking market along with new products, Cisco customer profiles,internetworking tips and techniques.
Information World
Professional Graphics World - The premier Internet service for professional trade publications.
Visual Journal - The independent source for software developers

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