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ACT 386bsd Users Group

PowerParallel User Group
University of Waterloo AIX Support Group Home Page

Cray Computer Users Group

DECUS - Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
SLUUG Digital Alpha SIG

Questions about FreeBSD, Contact:

HP's Dutch Technical Users Group
Hewlett-Packard Workstation Users Group
Interex - the International Association of Hewlett-Packard Computing Professionals
InterWorks - Technical Users Forum of Interex - (Interworks Local Chapters)

UnixWare Users eXchange (UUX)

Intergraph Graphics Users Group

Argentina Linux Users Group
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (ALE)
Austria Linux Users Group
Linux Users of South Australia
BCS British Computer Society
Berlin, Germany Linux Users Group
Binghamton University's Linux Community (BLinC)
CalLUG (UC Berkeley Linux Users Group)
Cornell Student Linux Users Group (CSLUG)
Golden Triangle Linux Users Group
Hamilton Linux Users Group
Houston Linux Users Group
Israeli Linux User List
Idaho (LUGI) Linux User Group of Idaho
Italian Linux Society
Linux User Groups (Sunsite)
Melbourne Linux Group
North Colorado Linux User's Group
Ottawa Carleton Linux Users Group
PLUTO Linux User Group (Padua, Italy)
Portland Linux Users
Rochester, NY Linux User Groups
Salt Lake Linux Users Group
Santa Cruz Linux Users Group
St. Louis UNIX Users' Group Linux SIG
Singapore Linux User Group
South Australia (LinuxSA)
Swizerland Linux User Groups
UCF Linux User Group Home Page
UIUC Linux Users' Group page
Vienna University of Technology, Linux User Group
Victoria, Australia Linux User Groups

Atlanta Area Silicon Graphics Users Group
Denmark Silicon Graphics Users Group
Houston Silicon Graphics Users Group
NASA Langley Silicon Graphics Special Interest Group
SGI User Groups

Association of Sun Users
Hartford Area Sun User Group
South Florida Sun User's Group
Sun User Group (SUG)
Sun UK User Group (SUKUG)

Academic UNIX Systems Group Home Page {}
British Computer Society
Calgary Unix Users Group
French Unix Users Group
Free Unix Users of New Mexico
Front Range UNIX Users' Group
Houston Unix Users Group
Indiana University Unix User Group
Northern New England UNIX Users Group
OKCForum Unix Users Group {}
St. Louis Unix Users Group
Washington Area UNIX Users' Group
SAGE - The systems administrators Guild
UK Unix User Group
Unigroup of New York
University of Siegen (Germany)

Other System Administrators Unix User Groups Home Pages
Links to all known UNIX User Groups Around the World - This "no frills" page is constructed for fast loading, (not beauty), so that reloads can be made faster.
Other Unix Groups
St. Louis UNIX Users' Group - The link is a linked list of UNIX Users' Groups world wide, grouped by flavor of UNIX and geographical location. (Some are not english language).

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