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Official IBM Sites:
IBM Almaden Research Center
IBM Zurich Research Laboratory (IBM Zurich FTP-Server)
IBM RISC-System/6000 - Austin
IBM Kiosk for Education
IBM Networking Information
IBM Computer Virus Information Center
IBM U.S. Announcement Letters

Other Related Sites:
IBM'S RS/6000 AIX Home page - by IBM
Donohue's RS/6000 Home Page - by DCI
AIXPort - Science University of Tokyo

AIX - (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) on the RISC System/6000 first entered the UNIX market in February 1990. Many believed that IBM's proprietary heritage would preclude it from being a player in the open systems arena. By 1994 when IBM announced AIX 3.2.5, AIX had become a mature and stable operating system.

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