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Frequently Asked Questions
A/UX 2.0.1 FAQ
A/UX 3.x.x FAQ
Newton A/UX FAQ - The A/UX FAQ in Newton package format.

Technical Notes:
A/UX web server setup page - Setting up TCP/IP networking, Downloading and installing basic software, Compiling Apache, Patching A/UX to use virtual interfaces.
AWS Technical Notes - (Microsoft Word Format)
CAP.txt - A copy of a posting on c.u.a concerning configuring CAP under A/UX.
Configuring Inodes - (Microsoft Word Format)
DeskWriter.txt - A copy of a posting on c.u.a concerning using a HP DeskWriter under A/UX.
emerg.tar.gz - Instructions on how to create a small, bootable, backup root partition on your hard disk for use in emergencies.
File Access Control - (Microsoft Word Format)
Filesystem Cache Item Limit - (Microsoft Word Format)
Macintosh A/UX-IRAF Installation Guide
Mixed NFS-Ashar - (Microsoft Word Format)
Performance Guide - (Microsoft Word Format)
SCSI Termination - (Microsoft Word Format)
Slip Helpful Hints - Need help in getting your CSlip up and running. This text file provides some helpful hints and clues to aid in your quest.
TuneUp-AS Pro - (Microsoft Word Format)

A/UX is Apples own UNIX (now discontinued :().....

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