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bash - A tarchive that contains not only the diffs required for bash-1.14.2 (and later?) to compile under A/UX, but also a precompiled version that was created under A/UX 3.1.1.

emacs-19.19-19.22.diffs.tar.gz - A collection of diffs and patches to compile emacs version 19.19 thru 19.22 under A/UX. Contributed byPaul Traina (pst@cisco.com) and Dennis Govoni (dennis.govoni@East.Sun.COM).

emacs 19.28 - Port of emacs 19.28 for A/UX 3.1(.1).

emacs-19.7.patch.gz - Patches from Phillip P. Porch for emacs 19.7 for A/UX.

gcc 2.5.7 (binaries) - The 2.5.7 version of GNU C compiler (gcc) for A/UX, ported by John Coolidge @ Apple. This is the already compiled binaries for use under A/UX 3.0.x|3.1.

gcc-2.5.7-specs - The "original" version of the 'specs' file for gcc-2.5.7 had a slight bug in it, such that __STDC__ was still defined even if '-traditional' was used. This 'fix' corrects that problem. The above distribution already has this fix in there, but if yours doesn't, then please rename this file 'specs' and copy it over to .../lib/gcc/aux/2.5.7.

gcc-2.6.3 binaries for A/UX - Complete binary package of gcc 2.6.3 for A/UX. It requires that it be installed in /usr/local/Gnu for it to work. Based on the work done by John Coolidge.

gcc 2.7.2 binaries for A/UX - Complete binary package of gcc 2.7.2 for A/UX. It requires that it be installed in /usr/local/Gnu for it to work. Based on the work done by John Coolidge.

gcc 2.7.2 diffs for A/UX - Diffs required to get gcc 2.7.2 to compile, run and work under A/UX. You need gcc to compile gcc, so snag one of the binaries if you want to recompile it.

gdb 4.12 - Binary executable of gdb (v4.12) for A/UX. Kudos to John Coolidge.

gsb 4.12 A/UX source - Full source distribution of gdb 4.12 for A/UX.

gdb 4.12 diffs - Diffs (patches) to apply to the original source of gdb 4.12 to allow you to compile and run it under A/UX.

GNUlibg++ - Ported by John Coolidge, the full g++ package for use with gcc.

GNUplot - Binary release of GNUplot v3.5 for A/UX. Works _very_ nicely and is good to have around! Kudos to Eric Rosen for providing this!

GNUtar - The binaries, diffs and sources for GNUtar v1.11.2 for A/UX. From Dennis Govoni (dennis.govoni@East.Sun.COM).

GNUzip - Tar archive of the GNU zip compression package. Includes all binaries and man pages for A/UX. Needed to decompression '*.gz' files.

grep v2.0 - Precompiled binary of GNUgrep v2.0 for A/UX.

make 3.74 - Complete source and executable binary for GNUmake-3.74 for A/UX. Many packages require/expect either GNUmake or Berkmake.

make 3.74

malloc library - Ported GNUmalloc library for A/UX.

man - Port of GNUman for A/UX... I don't use it, but you may find it useful.

mtools_src - A directory containing the source, binaries and diffs for the mtools package, which provide DOS floppy disk access utilities.

tcsh-6.03.bin.gz - "Latest" version of the 'tcsh' shell, ported for A/UX

tex.bin.tar.gz - The precompiled binaries for Tex. Has a README file to help is setting it up. Provided by Peter Epsen (peter@norge.bbx.basis.com)

texinfo-3.1.bin.tar.gz - Precompiled binaries of texinfo v3.1 for A/UX. Provided by Phillip Porch (root@theporch.raider.net)

texinfo-3.1.diff - Small patch to allow you to compile texinfo 3.1 under A/UX. In case you want to do it yourself :)

xemacs 19.11 patch file - If you like, you can use these patches to compiled xemacs-19.11 yourself.

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