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Notify.tar.gz - A very elegant Mac-A/UX hybrid application that uses the Notification Manager to tell you if you've received mail. By Paul Davidson @ UK Mac. Dev. Tech Support. Recommended!

popper-aux.tar.gz - Port of the Popper server for A/UX. By Ben Goran (ben@tux.fa.asu.edu).

procmail 3.10 - Procmail 3.10 compiled for A/UX. Full source.

sendmail 5.65 - This is a port of sendmail ver 5.65 for A/UX. If you are running an older version of A/UX, this updates sendmail to 5.65. It's also useful for later A/UX's since it's been hacked to look in /etc/hosts for hostname/IP-address info if the nameserver can't find any, which is very useful!

Sendmail - ix some security holes in the original version supplied with A/UX 3.1.

shadow-popper - The 'popper' package changed to support shadow-passwords under A/UX.

smail 3.1.28 patches for A/UX - Tar package that contains patches and suggestions to be applied to smail 3.1.28 to compile for use under A/UX. smail is an _excellent_ replacement for sendmail. You can snag the complete source from ftp.uu.net in pub/networking/mail.

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