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fingerd "secure" - This is a port of the latest version of in.fingerd. Basically, the big difference is that it logs all finger requests via the syslogd daemon.

inetd - BSD/Reno version of 'inetd' ported for A/UX 3.x.x. Includes some very nice features such as running daemons as any user, passing arguments to daemons and rereading of /etc/servers upon receiving a SIGHUP signal. Newer version will also try to read inetd.conf if servers doesn't exist and provides host access control a.la. tcpd (tcp_wrappers). Ported|maintained by Jim Jagielski.

md5 - Port of 'md5' for A/UX. md5 generates a "message-digest" fingerprint (checksum) of a file. This fingerprint is much more secure than regular checksums since it's virtually impossible for 2 different "messages" to have the same finger- print or to generate a message to have a predetermined one.

Permissions - A little 'ksh' script that changes the owners, groups and permission of some files to what's recommended in the FAQ to make them (and your system) a bit more secure.

portmapper - Replacement of /etc/portmap for A/UX 3.1(.1). Secure version uses tcp_wrapper access control. Port of Wietse Venema (wietse@wzv.win.tue.nl) portmapper 4.

sh - Replacement for /bin/sh that fixes a few security holes, in SUID programs that use 'system()' or 'popen()', by resetting IFS before a script is executed. ** A MUST HAVE !! **

shadow-passwd - Port of the shadow-password suite for A/UX. Using these programs, A/UX can now use shadow passwords for increased security!! Requires gcc and libUTIL to compile.

SIGURG wrapper - A wrapper for /etc/init that protects it (and all other processes) from SIGURG signals... A MUST GET !!!

SUDO - Source for the famous 'sudo' utility that allows other users to perform 'root' functions while limiting what they can do.

tcp_wrappers - Port of Wietse Venema (wietse@wzv.win.tue.nl) tcp_wrappers for A/UX 3.1(.1)

WUARCHIVE FTPD server - Port of the latest version (2.4) of the wuarchive ftp-server daemon (wu-ftpd) for A/UX. Lots of neat extras: recommended! Requires 'gcc' to compile.

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