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FMbackup.tar.gz - A nice little Extension package, from Ron Flax (ron@afsg.apple.com), that creates backups of required Desktop file. Prevents the need for a Desktop rebuild when the MacOS-environment crashes under A/UX.

HFSmount.tar.gz - Application written by Tony Cooper that searches all your online SCSI disks and attempts to mount _all_ your HFS partitions. It _may_ work but don't count on it :)

rpc.rstatd - Now provides correct load average info. Only for 3.0!

pstree.bin.tar.gz - Port of 'pstree' version 1.4 which generates 'ps' output in a tree-like format. With man-page and source.

pstat - Now releases memory as required. Only for 3.0!

scsiprobe - Neat little program that prints out useful info (like vendor, product, etc...)about your attached SCSI devices.

set-aux-bin.hqx - A useful utility, by Bill Johnston (johnston@me.udel.edu), that changes the type/creator of files to "BIN ", "A/UX". Supports drag- and-drop.

Xmeter - Binary release of the xmeter utility for A/UX. Pretty cool! Thanks to Eric Rosen for providing this useful tool.

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