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at - Replacement for ~lp/model/at_interface, which fixes the little bug that causes multiple copies of files (at times) to be printed. For example, 'lp file.1 file.2' would print two copies of file.1 and one of file.2. Entries in ~lp/interface based on at_interface should also be patched as well.

CSFont.sit.hqx - This is a BinHexed stuffit file of the CSFont font. Basically, it's a hacked up version of Courier that looks quite a bit better than either Courier or Monaco under A/UX's CommandShell.

ctwm.bin.tar.gz - Binary of the 'ctwm' window manager for A/UX's X environment. Provided by Trond Kandal (Trond.Kandal@ifi.unit.no).

ctwm.lib.tar.gz - Libraries of the 'ctwm' window manager for A/UX's X environment. Provided by Trond Kandal (Trond.Kandal@ifi.unit.no).

ctwm.man.tar.gz - Manuals for the 'ctwm' window manager for A/UX's X environment. Provided by Trond Kandal (Trond.Kandal@ifi.unit.no).

Dart.sit.hqx - DART v1.5.3... A DiskCopy "replacement" that works well under A/UX... Allows you to create actual floppies from DiskCopy image files.

devscsi - Corrected version of /etc/install.d/init.d/devscsi which ensures that files in /dev/scsi have the correct permissions. All files in /dev/scsi should be mode '600' with owner|group 'root'|'sys'. Make sure your setup is correct. This script will keep things correct next time you rebuild the kernel.

dir.h - Slightly hacked version of dir.h to correctly define rewinddir() when _not_ using POSIX.


dp.tar.gz - Drivers for the newer (half-length, National controller) EtherPortII card... When Dayna sold the EPII card, they wrote these drivers for A/UX 2.0.x. Now that Shiva sells the EPII card, Dayna no longer sells the drivers and Shiva is still writing theirs... until that time, use this, which is a copy of the Dayna drivers. There have been only a FEW reports of incompatibility with the new EPII card and the IIfx.

EPIIdr.tar.gz - These are the drivers for the "old" EtherPortII card (full-length NuBus, based on the Intel controller). This was written for A/UX 1.1 but WILL work under 2.0.x as long as the card is used ONLY for TCP/IP communication (NO EtherTalk). Please note that there have been MANY reports of compatibility problems with the old EPII cards, this driver and the IIfx... It seems that if you have a IIfx, you really should upgrade to a different ethernet card.

file.h for GCC - Slightly hacked version of ../gcc/aux/?.?.?/include/sys/file.h for 'gcc' that makes it "fcntl.h" aware and prevents "redefine" warning messages when both header files are included. Also see 'file.h' below.

file.h for /usr/include - Slightly hacked version of /usr/include/sys/file.h that makes it "fcntl.h" aware and prevents "redefine" warning messages when both header files are included.

FixErrorPage.sea.hqx - A nice little MacOS application that sets the Mode Select Error Page of SCSI disks to A/UX-required values. Needed for SyQuests and writable Opticals.

libUTIL - Doing some porting but having trouble because you lack some needed functions (like memmove(), strstr() or strerror())? Worry no more! libUTIL.a is a collection of these "missing" functions, available in one easy to use archive. Included are two additional header (.h files), the archive itself, a README file, and various man-pages

listen - A short shell script that uses 'adb' to change the value of SOMAXCONN, the size of listen()s backlog queue limit, from 5 to 32.

man-utils.tar.gz - A collection of programs and scripts that make viewing and installing man pages easier. Includes a replacement for 'man', 'auxman' and 'mkwhatis' which generates a newer, up-to-date whatis database.

nhd1.5.tar.gz - A new object-oriented hard disk driver based on the Gears SCSI driver (GSD). It replaces Apple's Generic Disk Driver (GDISK) and provides nice additions and capabilities, especially with regards to CD-ROM drives. Written by Kristopher L. Tyra (ktyra%saphire@concert.net). *** I WOULD BE VERY SURPRISED IF THESE WORKED UNDER 3.0.1|2 ***

NEWtc - A replacement for A/UX 3.x.x's 'tc' tape device driver. Fixes some bugs, adds some capabilities and support for other tape drives (such as WangDAT, WangTEK, HP and TEACs). Included is a replacement for 'mt' to support new 'tc' as well as 'tbb' to speed up backups. Version 3.34.

ORIGtc.gz - Apple's 'tc' version 1.14 for A/UX 3.0.1... just in case you lose yours when installing NEWtc :)

POP3 Password Changer - Allows you to change your password from Eudora or other POP3 clients. Ported by Fred Condo (fred@lightside.net).

Porting Tools - A collection of useful porting tools for A/UX.

shadow-passwd - Port of the shadow-password suite for A/UX. Using these programs, A/UX can now use shadow passwords for increased security!! Requires gcc and libUTIL to compile.

SIGURG wrapper - A wrapper for /etc/init that protects it (and all other processes) from SIGURG signals... A MUST GET !!!

tbb.tar.gz - A very nice, efficient double-buffering utility. Kinda like a double-ended 'dd'. Written by Tony Cooper.

teac.tar.gz - Craig Ruff's "teac" device driver. Complete with sources and instructions.

Virtual Interfaces - Just the ticket for multihomed/Virtual Web Servers: the Virtual Interface kernel module for A/UX. With this module, you can add virtual interfaces to your real Ethernet interface and have your A/UX box answer to multiple IP addresses.

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