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ActiveWire Inc. - provides an extremely flexible USB based I/O board, that connects to buttons, switches, LED's, and provides a simple API to read and write to the I/O pins on the board.

ADCOMTEC - specializes in providing high-performance, advanced communications and networking solutions for CompactPCI, PCI, and PMC based applications.

Advanced Computer and Network Corporation - The site dedicated to the RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology.

Apache Digital Corporation - creates custom high-performance PC based systems optimized for the FreeBSD operating system.

ASA Computers - offers a wide range of performance oriented servers, workstations and networking products.

BIS, Inc. - specializes in Internet and Intranet networking servers running FreeBSD.

BSDi - offers state-of-the-art Internet Server Systems (using Intel, Sparc, and Alpha processors), Internet Appliance Platforms, RAID solutions, Multi-boot Workstations, LAN/WAN products, and peripherals at competitive prices.

CATC - Computer Access Technology Corporation, popularly called CATC ("cat-see"), is the world's leading supplier of development and test tools for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and IEEE 1394 (FireWire[tm]) serial communication standards.

Coyote Point Systems - offers the Equalizer connection managing router. Equalizer distributes client TCP connections to multiple server machines and includes load balancing, server failure detection/correction and an easy to use administrative interface.

Cyclades Corporation - sells a variety of high performance, multiport serial cards which FreeBSD supports directly in its standard releases.

DAVICOM Semiconductor, Inc. - designs, develops and markets cost-effective integrated circuit (IC) solutions for mainstream networking and communications applications.

Digital Networks - is one of the UK's leading supplier of desktops, workstations and servers designed and optimised for the FreeBSD and Linux operating systems.

Dynamic Network Factory - manufactures hardware-based RAID subsystems. Our Enterprise RAID is a SCSI to SCSI hardware-based RAID subsystem with capacities from 60GB to 150GB.

Emerging Technologies, Inc. - has high speed serial communications adapters allowing FreeBSD systems to connect directly to leased lines at speeds from 56k to T1/E1.

Enterprise Systems and Solutions - builds high quality customize Systems fully loaded and configured with FreeBSD for intranet/internet server and workstation at a competitive price.

Essenz Consulting - is a web services and products provider. We offer custom built High-Performance Intel based Workstations and Servers.

FreeBSD Systems - delivers fully configured servers for businesses. We only employ the FreeBSD operating system.

Freedom Technologies Corporation

Gallantry Technologies Inc. - offers a business broadband gateway for small to medium business. Our products are focused on offering small and medium business an easy to use product that provides multiple services routing, firewall, e-mail, web server, DHCP, NAT, FTP, DNS and print server.

GND Distribution, Ltd., - a London, UK-based company, specialises in bespoke computer systems for FreeBSD and Linux.

HighPoint Technologies, Inc. - is an ASIC design company specialized in the storage management area. Its technical expertise covers ATAPI/USB/1394 interfaces.

iMimic Networking, Inc. - offers the DataReactor family of Web cache appliances. The DataReactor family leads the caching industry in price-performance, from an agressively priced entry-level caching appliance to a high-end caching appliance at mid-level prices.

Introspective Technologies USA - delivers networking solutions with high powered servers and workstations pre-installed with choice of operating systems, including FreeBSD.

Lan Media Corporation (by SBE, Incorporated) - offers a complete line of High Performance WAN Adapaters including: DS3, HSSI, Channelized Multi-port T1/E1, and Synchronous Serial Interface (up to 8Mbps) for "classic" PCI, CompactPCI, and PMC form factors.

MOXA - makes attractively priced multi-port serial cards which are compatible with FreeBSD's sio serial driver. The C104 / C168 family of 2/4/8 serial port cards feature custom ASIC design, speeds up to 921.6Kbps, surge protection, independent and software configurable I/O ports and IRQs.

Neturn Corp. - based in Vancouver, Canada, provides complete solutions on selective and fine-tuned hardware and software (BSDs as primary server OSs) platforms to meet the demand from e-commerce, telecom, manufacturing, industrial, aerospace, medical applications where stability and reliability are mandatory.

NetWolves Corporation - produces the FoxBox line of Multi-services Internet Communications Gateway systems. These Internet Access Devices offer a three stage firewall, unlimited e-mail, site hosting, filtered browsing, web and DNS caching, DHCP for ease of set up, file sharing/serving, e-mail archiving, and a series of productivity enhancing reports - cost effectively.

Open Systems Networking / Consulting - specializes in FreeBSD based high performance LAN/WAN solutions. We keep our solutions as open to scalability and future expansion as possible.

PCW Microsystems, Inc. - offers rackmount workstations and servers optimized for the FreeBSD operating system. We carry full line of rackmount chassis, RAID, WAN and LAN products for FreeBSD OS.

PSSC Labs - provides custom configured computer solutions to meet any budget or specification. Visit our website to build your computer just the way you want it including hard drive partitioning and operating system setup.

R/D Associates, Inc. - developed utilizing FreeBSD running Apache. We employed consulting services from Poul-Henning Kamp to develop our Virtual Server solution (which is now available in FreeBSD 4.0).

Sangoma Technologies Inc. - offers the WANPIPE[tm] range of high speed intelligent communication adapters that support a number of downloadable protocol modules including PPP, Frame Relay and X.25.

Sera Systems - is a manufacturer of xBSD based servers and workstations. Sera Systems was formed to address the security needs of internet connected businesses by helping develop, setup and support network infrastructure computers with reliable, proactively-secure free software.

Specialix, Inc. - makes a wide variety of multi-port async serial expansion products. The ISA, EISA, and PCI SI/XIO host cards work under FreeBSD using the si driver.

Stallion Technologies, Inc. - offers a range of multiport serial boards for the ISA, EISA, MCA and PCI buses. Although Stallion does not officially support drivers for FreeBSD, there is an unsupported, freely available driver available from their FTP site. - offers a wide range of high performance and cost effective quad and dual processor servers, workstations and networking products with FreeBSD and Linux as their operating systems.

Synetic Inc. - is a Canadian and North American distributor for IDE-to-IDE, SCSI-to-IDE and SCSI-to-SCSI RAID controllers supporting FreeBSD platform.

Telenet System Solutions, Inc. - is a High Performance Internet Server integration house, also reselling products from vendors like Cisco, Livingston, SDL Comm, Digi, Cyclades, etc.

TeraSolutions, Inc. - is a manufacturer of high reliability, high performance rack-mount Internet server and RAID storage systems which are specifically designed and built for the best operation with FreeBSD.

TPC IT Pty, Ltd - is Authorized Australian Cyclades Distributor. We have just set up an online discussion group for Cyclades customers and anyone wishing to know about the product.

Whistle Communications - offers the InterJet Small Office Internet appliance. InterJet is an all-in-one solution that provides e-mail, Web access and Web publishing productivity for everyone in your small office of up to 100 people.

Znyx Corporation - specialised in high availability, high performance, single and multi-channel Fast Ethernet adapters for PCI, CompactPCI, and PCI Mezzanine Connector (PMC). FreeBSD, Linux, QNX, NetWare, OS/2, and SCO Unixware are supported on virtually all products.

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