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Altera SQL Server - is a multi-user, relational database with ODBC and JDBC options, demanding very few resources.

AM'SOFT - (Andrew Maltsev's Software) features EasySQL, an ODBC-like database independent C/C++ library. Full source code is available.

Conetic Software - is offering a FREE copy of C/BASE 4GL for the FreeBSD operating system. C/BASE 4GL features a powerful and fully portable application development tool and database engine.

DBMaker - provides you with a professional database system with multimedia capabilities, a native ODBC interface, large database features, and cross-platform support.

Empress Software - develops the EMPRESS RDBMS, a powerful and cost effective, ANSI SQL database management system designed for developing robust scientific and engineering, embedded and e-commerce solutions.

FairCom Corporation - has provided quality database development tools for the professional programmer since 1979. FairCom is best known for its extremely portable, high performance file handler, c-tree Plus.

Herrin Software Development - offers Qddb database software, Gustar site search engines, Qbib bibliography management software, and other products that run on FreeBSD and other UNIX platforms.

Infoflex, Inc. - products include: 1) SQLflex, an SQL client/server clone of Informix ESQL/C and Informix Standard engine, 2) Infoflex-4GL, a 4GL language syntactically similar to Informix and database compatable, 3) Queryflex, a point and shoot report writer enabling novice users to develop their own reports. 4) AccountFlex, a full featured accounting system for Order Entry, Inventory, Job Cost, Bill of Materials, Purchasing, A/R, A/P, G/L, and Payroll.

InterBase - is The Perfect Embedded Database. Behind every great client/server application you will find a great database and very possibly an embedded database.

KX Systems - presents Kdb, an RDBMS that provides both transaction processing and decisision support capabilities for large amounts of data. Kdb extracts data from ODBC, flat files, ASCII, and binary storage formats.

Polyhedra - is a main memory object-relational database that is ideally suited for mission-critical applications requiring event-driven real-time responses to data changes, complex database designs, distributed applications, and fault tolerance for high availability and continuous operation.

Relex US, Inc. - RDBMS Linter(tm) SQLhas a client-server architecture and supports SQL-92, ODBC, and JDBC interfaces. User access is available through PHP, Perl, TCL/TK, and a C/C++ language call interface. Our Ticket Tracking Systemis suitable for resolving problems ranging from software bugs to consumer product complaints. Nevod is a system for data warehousing & mining. Lakunais a program for rapid database application development.

Sleepycat Software - distributes Berkeley DB, an embeddable database system with full source. Berkeley DB runs on a wide variety of Unix systems and on Windows 95 and NT.

Solid Information Technology Ltd - is the maker of a unique data management product, SOLID Server. It is designed for robust operation in demanding environments.

YARD Software GmbH - provides its relational ANSI-SQL database for FreeBSD systems. YARD-SQL is available on most UNIX systems and has interfaces for C, ODBC (MS Windows) and JDBC (Java).

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