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Better living through scripting 12/1/2000

Email filters you can script

FLEXlm End User Manual


Gnuemacs - The all-singing, all-dancing text processing program. Emacs, properly configured, can do almost anything you can think of - and then some.

Ksh Keeps Up

Perfmeter unmasked

REBOL rolls forward 9/29/2000

Scripted wrappers for legacy applications 12/18/2000

Scripted wrappers for legacy applications, Part 2 1/5/2001

Scripted wrappers for legacy applications, Part 3 1/19/2001

Scripting Qt 9/15/2000

Scripting systems unite 11/17/2000

Scripting with C 8/18/2000

Seder's Grab-bag - a site for sed users. Carries sed scripts, tutorials, resources, sed maillist archives, and more.

Selecting a development methodology - by Chuck Musciano

Software methodologies - by Chuck Musciano

Specialty scripting languages 11/3/2000

Successful Scheme 10/13/2000

Tk footnotes 9/1/2000

Vi - Some people think you're not a real system administrator unless you can use this. Now you can learn vi without having to admit that you need the help!

Vi Reference Card

Vi is a 2 letter word - From the maker of Unix Is A 4 Letter Word

VI LOVERS HOME PAGE (vi Reference Card)

Vi vs. Emacs - Chuck Musciano

Which language is right for you? 2/2/2001

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