Dick Haight

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A Unix pioneer who helped develop the Programmer's Workbench of Unix tools, was present the day that pipes were introduced into Unix. These tools included: find, cpio, expr, and a large number of include files.


"I don't believe UNIX is Utopia. It's just the best set of tools around. - Dick Haight, Unix Review, Jan. 1985, p. 117

"That by the way, was one of the great things about UNIX in the early days: people actually shared each other's stuff. It's too bad that so many sites now have purposefully turned off the read privileges in order to keep their ideas from being stolen. Not only did we learn a lot in the old days from sharing material, but we also never had to worry about how things really worked because we always could go read the source. That's still the only thing that matters when the going gets tough." - Marc Rochkind, "Interview with Dick Haight," Unix Review, May, 1986, p. 65. - The importance of Open Source:

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