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Rick Adams was responsible for implementing Serial Line IP (SLIP) and founding UUNET, thereby making the Internet widely accessible. In 1982 Rick ran the first international UUCP email link.

He maintained B News (at one time the most popular Usenet News transport), wrote the first implementation of SLIP (Serial Line IP), and defined the first protocol for running TCP/IP over ordinary serial ports (in particular, dial-up modems). The SLIP protocol was superseded, years later, by the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), which is still in use.

Rick founded a nonprofit telecommunications company, UUNET Communications Service, to reduce the cost of uucp mail and netnews, particularly for rural sites in America. (UUNET was founded with a $50,000 loan from the USENIX Association Rick spun out a for-profit company, UUNET Technologies, which was the first ISP in the United States.

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