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  • Why does UGU look so different?
  • How Can I reach the Unix Guru Universe
  • Why is the Unix Guru Universe here?
  • Hey, where are all the GRAPHICS?
  • How many webmasters are doing all this?
  • What can we expect in the future....
  • How can you HELP?

  • How Can I reach the Unix Guru Universe
    Unix Guru Universe
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    Why is the UNIX GURU UNIVERSE here?
    A few of us unix system administrators were always wishing that everything pertaining to unix was pulled together into one spot. Since no one was doing it, we thought we would. So simply, UGU was developed for the System Administrators who don't have time to surf/cruise/browse the internet looking across the world for the information they seek. It was developed so an Admin could go in find what they are looking for quickly and easily and get out. The page is for ALL Admins beginners to guru's alike to share.
    Hey, where are all the GRAPHICS?
    There are virtually no graphics and the goal is to keep it that way. UGU is for INFORMATION not thrills. If you want thrills, DISNEY Is the place for you, go check it out.
    How many webmasters are doing all this?
    A couple. There are in excess of 3800+ web pages and 66,000 links on this site to date. Help is on the way though. We are attempting to automate this site as much as possible. So you might see a pattern in the page layouts. Most of the work on the site is taking place at 2:00am, sometimes fatigue sets in, so please no flames. This is all after our daily 12-14 hour shift end at our real admin jobs.
    What can we expect in the future?
    There are new things popping up all the time. Join the UGU mailing list to find out. You can join by Registering .
    How can you HELP?
    LINKS LINKS LINKS.....Give us your links. The more we get the better it will be.
    Spread the word. 80% of the admins find us through word of mouth and other links. Here are some UGU IMAGES & ICONS that you can use.


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