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Please fill out our 2002 Job Survey. It take less than 2 minutes, We timed it! It is quick and to the point. Help to benefit everyone! We will post the results in after more data has been collected.

NOTE: We DO NOT collect any other hidden information other than what you submit.

1. Sex:

2. System Administrator Level:

3. Industry:

4. Average work week:

5. Position:

6. How is overtime handled:

7. How much was last raise in the past 12 months:

8. Annual yearly income ($$$)
(Please feel safe entering this information, We are not
collecting names or IP's or any other tracking information back to you)

8. Do you get a bonus:

9. Number of unix machines you primarily support:

10. How many flavors of Unix do you support:

11. How many other admins help you:

12. How are you forced to dress:

13. About my job:

14. What is the best GIFT a user ever gave you, just to say thank you:


15. When you were interviewed for a job, what was the hardest or any trick questions you were asked:

16. If or when you interview someone, what is your favorite question(s) to ask and why?

17. How do YOU calm down an upset user?

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