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Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc.

LynxOS - LynxOS is a proprietary UNIX-like real-time operating system. LynxOS looks and feels like UNIX from the user/programmer point of view. It was developed from the ground-up with high performance, deterministic hard real-time response in mind. Although LynxOS is conformant with POSIX 1003.1 it is not derived from any AT&T/USL/Novell source code. The OS is in effect a complete re-implementation of UNIX from a real-time perspective. LynxOS supports the POSIX.1, POSIX.4, POSIX.4a, Berkeley (BSD), and System V (SVID) APIs and provides most of the POSIX.2 facilities and utilities plus a whole lot more. Since LynxOS was written from scratch with real-time performance foremost in mind, it is able to provide deterministic, high performance real-time responsiveness for real-time applications while still providing UNIX compatibility.

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