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Official Sites & Mirrors:
OpenBSD Organization
OpenBSD Organization - USA/MCI
OpenBSD Organization - USA
OpenBSD Organization - Sweden
OpenBSD Organization - UK
OpenBSD Organization - UK/JANET
OpenBSD Organization - Italy
OpenBSD Organization - Australia

Other Related Sites:
OpenBSD Explained - Articles explaining topics in some detail, and user experiences
OpenBSD Diary - another user's ongoing reports
DaemonNews Daily - *BSD news as it happens
DaemonNews Monthly - articles on *BSD

OpenBSD - OpenBSD is a freely-available UNIX-like system based heavily on 4.4BSD with additional enhancements. The entire code base has been subjected to a world-wide security and quality audit, earning OpenBSD a reputation for being "probably the most secure operating system available." It runs on Intel, SPARC, Alpha, HP, and a few other architectures, and can be obtained on CD-ROM or via the Internet.

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