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abcd.tar.Z - abcd automatic backup copy daemon

amanda - Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver.

ansir.tar.Z - ansir read ANSI standard labelled tape

ansitar.tar.Z - ansitar a program to read and write ANSI labeled tapes

archive2iso - Takes a directory tree and randomizes the files in the tree to stripe the files across several ISO files that can be archived or burned off to a CD. - was written to be very functional and very portable (Which is why it is linear and not modular).

backup.tar.Z - backup Unix system backup program

backups.tar.Z - backups perform tape backups

badtar.tar.Z - badtar Salvage bad tar archives

beer.tar.Z - beer backup and restore utility

bpatch.tar.Z - bpatch binary patch and dump file utility

bpatch2.tar.Z - bpatch2 binary patch and dump file utility

cmstape.tar.Z - cmstape manipulate an IBM VM/SP CMS dump tape

copytape.tar.Z - copytape duplicate magtapes

dbcopy.tar.Z - dbcopy double buffered copy programmes

ddd.tar.Z - ddd double-speed data dumper

diskcopy.tar.Z - diskcopy copy partitions from one disk to another

diskdump.tar.Z - diskdump produce CMS disk dump file

dostp.tar.Z - dostp manipulate DOS files on magtape

Dumptool - for SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 2.x from Artecon. Basic, freeware, functional GUI to dump. Be sure to have your LD_LIBRARY_PATH set.

fcpio.tar.Z - fcpio a fast cpio partial replacement

fixcpio.tar.Z - fixcpio repair damaged cpio -c archives

mdump.tar.Z - mdump multiple dump per tape utility - Dumps each remote partition to the local tape drive.

whichtape.tar.Z - whichtape locate file(s) on backup tapes

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