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bencode.tar.Z - bencode encode a binary file into printable ASCII; decode it back into binary.

btoa.tar.Z - btoa encode/decode binary to printable ASCII

dac.tar.Z - dac Peabody/Toth Digital-to-Analog Converter Driver

dca2troff.tar.Z - dca2troff convert Document Content Architecture documents to troff

ln03-plot.tar.Z - ln03-plot convert plot(5) files to SIXELS format

lpscript.tar.Z - lpscript convert text to postscript

lwf.tar.Z - lwf ASCII to PostScript filter

number.tar.Z - number convert Arabic numerals to natural language

rnotroff.tar.Z - rnotroff convert DEC runoff input to n/troff input

suntops.tar.Z - suntops convert Sun rasterfile to PostScript

unit.tar.Z - unit converts from lots of units to lots of other units

uudeview - a program package that will help you to transmit binary files over electronic lines. It includes both an encoder and a decoder, both compatible with the popular uuencoding scheme, the MIME standard Base64 and the less frequently used xxencoding scheme.

uuencode.tar.Z - uuencode encode/decode a binary file for transmission via mail

w2t.tar.Z - w2t convert MacWrite files to troff input files

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