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bt-rio.tar.Z - bt-rio the poor man's record management library

ConceptBase - Deductive and object-oriented DBMS from Aachen.

Coral - Root directory for Coral deductive DBMS from Wisconsin.

DSQL - a simple client/server protocol to support remote access of SQL databases.

exodus - Root directory for Exodus (DBMS substrate) from Wisconsin.

id.tar.Z - id query id database


kb.tar.Z - kb to work on knowhow database

lincks - a multiuser object-centered database system (lincks site) - (lincks gatekeeper site) - (lincks site)

mood - Material's/Miniature Object-Oriented Database

msql - a database engine that supports a subset of ANSI SQL. It is a lightweight server in that it has very small resource overheads.


Postgres95 - produced by a team of volunteers, this software is no longer being developed or supported. Postgres95 Port List

qddb - Quick and Dirty Database

RDB - Relational Database Management System

rf.tar.Z - rf "rotary file" database for names, addresses, etc.

Robert Klein - Beagle SQL - Free Client Server DBMS for Unix

Rock'n Roll DOOD - Deductive Object-Oriented Database

rolodex.tar.Z - rolodex use an online rolodex, containing information about people.

Shore - persistent object system (also link to previous EXODUS)

uniqbib.tar.Z - uniqbib remove duplicates from bibliographic database

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ACM SIGMOD Index of publicly available database software
Free Database List - An attempt to enumerate all known free databases.

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