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agelog.tar.Z - agelog shell script to trim log files

context.tar.Z - context find context of lines

copymode.tar.Z - copymode copy mode from file

crypt.tar.Z - crypt cryptograpy not using crypt(3)

des.tar.Z - des perform DES encryption on a file

dostp.tar.Z - dostp manipulate DOS files on magtape

fddt.tar.Z - fddt display and patch files

ff.tar.Z - ff fast text formatter

fft.tar.Z - fft fast Fourier transform

fill.tar.Z - fill a simple text formatter

ftimes.tar.Z - ftimes display access, change and modify times of a file

give.tar.Z - give change owner and group information for one or more files

indent.tar.Z - indent expand/contract leading white space in file

lc.tar.Z - lc list directory and file names in columns

rename.tar.Z - rename change the names of a set of files.

rot.tar.Z - rot rotate a file

slice.tar.Z - slice split a file into pieces, by pattern or every n'th line

zap.tar.Z - zap binary inspect or modify files

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