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afio.tar.Z - afio manipulate archives and files

append.tar.Z - append append a file to the current directory

applyeq.tar.Z - applyeq apply commands to filenames

att_which.tar.Z - att_which show full path of commands

bsdtree.tar.Z - bsdtree display tree

cake.tar.Z - cake maintain groups of related files

changed.tar.Z - changed search for changed files within file-systems

check - is a tool for creating a directory index and keeping it up to date. It is written in Bourne shell.

cpmod.tar.Z - cpmod copy modes, ownerships and times

ctags.tar.Z - ctags create a tags file

del.tar.Z - del recoverable file delete, undelete

derez3.tar.Z - derez3 find stale files, and move them into a MORGUE directory

dired.tar.Z - dired directory editor

dirlib.tar.Z - dirlib get directory entries in a file system independent format

dtree.tar.Z - dtree print directory tree structures

dynakey.tar.Z - dynakey display file status dynamically on HP2392 keys

file.tar.Z - file determine file type

ftwalk - an awk-like programming language for file management, system administration, general scripts, prototyping, interactive use.

hgrep.tar.Z - hgrep highlight results of a grep

hier.tar.Z - hier show filesystem hierarchy

menunix.tar.Z - menunix menu interface to UNIX programs and files

shrink.tar.Z - shrink generate short filenames from extended ones

subdirs.tar.Z - subdirs print sub-directories and symbolic links

vtree.tar.Z - vtree print a visual tree of a directory structure

watch.tar.Z - watch watch files or directories

xref.tar.Z - xref cross reference files

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