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asteroids.tar.Z - asteroids the game of asteroids

backgammon.tar.Z - backgammon the game of backgammon

battle.tar.Z - battle the game of Battleship

battlestar.tar.Z - battlestar a tropical adventure game

bidding.tar.Z - bidding The Bridge Bidder

bluemoon.tar.Z - bluemoon a patience game

bridge.tar.Z - bridge a Bridge game

cchess.tar.Z - cchess Correspondence Chess Game

cent.tar.Z - cent Centipede game

cg.tar.Z - cg play the chess guess game

challenge.tar.Z - challenge An intriguing card game.

chessbd.tar.Z - chessbd display a chess board on vt240

chtrans.tar.Z - chtrans translating standard algebraic chess notation to Cartesian algebraic


conquest.tar.Z - conquest the game

craps.tar.Z - craps play the game of craps

cribbage.tar.Z - cribbage the card game cribbage

crystal.tar.Z - crystal Adventure game

cubes.tar.Z - cubes multi-player dice game

cw.tar.Z - cw Core Wars simulation system

dots.tar.Z - dots game of squares

dungeon.tar.Z - dungeon Adventures in the Dungeons of Doom

eek - curses-based chase game (req. libRRU)


galaxy.tar.Z - galaxy A two player duel in space

game_reg.tar.Z - game_reg game regulator

geneal.tar.Z - geneal genealogy program

go.tar.Z - go the game of go (in Perq Pascal)

hack.tar.Z - hack Exploring The Dungeons of Doom

hearts.tar.Z - hearts just another brain-damaged card game


Infocom adventures - Source distribution for an interpreter that can play all of the old Infocom adventures, ie Zork, Planetfall, etc.

jumble2.tar.Z - jumble2 word scrambling game

knight.tar.Z - knight brain puzzle

kriegspiel.tar.Z - kriegspiel a chess variant


langston.tar.Z - langston collection of various types of computer games

larn.tar.Z - larn the game

life.tar.Z - life the game of Life




mazewar.tar.Z - mazewar a 3-D SUN graphics maze game.

midway.tar.Z - midway the battle of Midway

miles.tar.Z - miles the game of Mille Bournes

mines.tar.Z - mines game of agility for SUNs


nchess.tar.Z - nchess general-purpose chess tool


nobs2.tar.Z - nobs2 cribbage game



phony.tar.Z - phony enumerate all words derivable from a telephone number

pig.tar.Z - pig pig-latin in lex

pm.tar.Z - pm computer version of PacMan

psychic.tar.Z - psychic psychic analyser


puzzletool.tar.Z - puzzletool brain teaser for SUNs

pyramid.tar.Z - pyramid a game for the SUN

qix.tar.Z - qix the game of QIX for the SUN-3

reversi.tar.Z - reversi the game of Reversi (or Othello)

rnd.tar.Z - rnd Random stuff generator

robots.tar.Z - robots a game of logic

rogomatic.tar.Z - rogomatic Automatically Exploring The Dungeons of Doom

roll.tar.Z - roll roll a dice


sail.tar.Z - sail multi-user wooden ships and iron men

sdi.tar.Z - sdi a game of shooting missiles coming and going

search.tar.Z - search search and destroy players and aliens

sol2.tar.Z - sol2 two games of solitaire

spaceout.tar.Z - spaceout animated space display

spacewar.tar.Z - spacewar multi-user, asynchronous, space battle game

spiro.tar.Z - spiro Make a pretty design


trek73.tar.Z - trek73 A Star Trek simulation


ve.tar.Z - ve visual empire



world.tar.Z - world Adventure Game


xgo.tar.Z - xgo the oriental game of go

xmille.tar.Z - xmille mille for X-Windows

xtrek.tar.Z - xtrek X based multi-player space shoot 'em up game



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