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2dpipe.tar.Z - 2dpipe create two-dimensional pipelines.

avl-subs.tar.Z - avl-subs balanced binary tree routines

bool-eval.tar.Z - bool-eval boolean function array evaluator

btree.tar.Z - btree routines to manipulate B and B+ trees

btree2.tar.Z - btree2 the poor man's b-tree index library

bundle.tar.Z - bundle buffer and copy stdin to a physicaql device

calc.tar.Z - calc a command line calculator

calctool.tar.Z - calctool window based calculator

calend.tar.Z - calend pd reimplementation of unix cal command

calendar.tar.Z - calendar reminder service

calgen.tar.Z - calgen calendar generation program

chd.tar.Z - chd choose directory with name completion

choose.tar.Z - choose randomly select one or more lines

clk.tar.Z - clk display the time and check for mail (continuously)

date+.tar.Z - date+ print date plus specified time

diffbar - If you want diff bars in an ASCII text file.

dispd.tar.Z - dispd turn tty into noticeboard

dup.tar.Z - dup the Honeywell GRTS Bisync protocol on DUP-11

egetopt.tar.Z - egetopt extended getopt

enigma.tar.Z - enigma simulation of the German WW2 machine

filedisk.tar.Z - filedisk a pseudo disk driver for UNIX

Findgrep - How often do you lose files? You know the file is somewhere under your home directory, but you can't remember exactly where.

finger_someone - This shell script finds the home machine for a user using the yp aliases table and then fingers that machine to see if the user is active.

flex.tar.Z - flex lex(1) replacement

fnkey.tar.Z - fnkey A user-defined function-key manager for HP 2392a terminals (and clones)

getopt.tar.Z - getopt get option letter from argv

gone.tar.Z - gone reserve a terminal

ic.tar.Z - ic interpretive calculator, yet another desk calculator

infer.tar.Z - infer inference engine written in C


mandelbrot.tar.Z - mandelbrot compute the Mandelbrot set and display on Regis type displays

mcat.tar.Z - mcat cat like program for read/write'ing pmap devices from shell

measures.tar.Z - measures list measurements to take

mpg.tar.Z - mpg Miles Per Gallon, A Fuel Economy Calculator

multipipe.tar.Z - multipipe pipe from many sources to many destinations

multivol.tar.Z - multivol handle multivolume files

rfs.tar.Z - rfs the Tektronix kernel-resident remote file system

rtail - (SUN) - a better "tail" program

sample.tar.Z - sample selects a random sample of input

semex.tar.Z - semex interactive exerciser for System V semaphore operations

sets.tar.Z - sets performs set operations on its arguments

team.tar.Z - team parallel "pipe", allows asynchronous io

ttype.tar.Z - ttype touch-type exerciser

trace - prints out system call (and optionally kernel) traces of programs. It compiles and installs fairly easily. It should work fine on 700s running HP-UX 9.X, and probably not at all otherwise.

vmail.tar.Z - vmail tty interface to MH

vme2mb.tar.Z - vme2mb make it easier to set up Sun VME to Multibus adapters

vstr.tar.Z - vstr virtual string operations

xstrings.tar.Z - xstrings get option letter from argv

yyref.tar.Z - yyref generate cross-reference for YACC input

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