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acucntrl.tar.Z - acucntrl turn around tty line between dialin and dialout

dial.tar.Z - dial change the modem line to in or out


dial2.tar.Z - dial2 connect to a remote system using a state transition script

dialout.tar.Z - dialout patches to the 4.3 dial in/out drivers

modem-ctl.tar.Z - modem-ctl functional replacement for uugetty

modemcap.tar.Z - modemcap modem capability database routines (ala termcap)

newgetty.tar.Z - newgetty baud rate detecting version of getty (and more)


xum.tar.Z - xum Xmodem file transfer for BSD 4.x Unix Systems (pronounced Zoom!)

zmodem.tar.Z - zmodem XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM Batch file receive/send

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