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68kdisasm.tar.Z - 68kdisasm a M68000 disassembler

aaa.tar.Z - aaa The Amazing Awk Assembler

adl.tar.Z - adl Adventure Definition Language

advsys.tar.Z - advsys Adventure Writing System

as6502.tar.Z - as6502 assembler for MOS Technology 650X microprocessors

as6809.tar.Z - as6809 Motorola MC6809 cross-assembler

asm80.tar.Z - asm80 Intel 8080 assembler

assem2.tar.Z - assem2 generic assembler

awk.tar.Z - awk A Supplemental Document For AWK

basic.tar.Z - basic `Basic' language interpreter

bcsh.tar.Z - bcsh Simple C-shell like preprocessor for Bourne shell

bexec.tar.Z - bexec simulate !# if not supported in kernel

bison - Bison is a parser generator maintained by the Free Software Foundation as an alternative to yacc.

bournebasic.tar.Z - bournebasic simple basic interpreter written in Bourne Shell

cdecl2.tar.Z - cdecl2 Compose C and C++ type declarations

clash.tar.Z - clash find indistinguishable or long identifiers

curse.tar.Z - curse screen functions

dis6502.tar.Z - dis6502 Disassemble 6502 object code

dis88.tar.Z - dis88 8088 symbolic disassembler

foogol.tar.Z - foogol foogol compiler for VAX

forth.tar.Z - forth run the forth interpreter

funcproglang.tar.Z - funcproglang the John Backus functional programming language

gnu - GNU is not Unix

inline.tar.Z - inline C preprocessor for inline functions

m4.tar.Z - m4 macro processor

mcc.tar.Z - mcc merge C compiler

mttcl (site #2)

mttcl (site #3)

mttcl - The MTtcl package gives Tcl/Tk programmers access to the multi-threading features of Solaris 2.

The Perl Page!

perl - Practical Extraction and Report Language,is a language for processing text.

perlref - Perl references and nested data structures

prep.tar.Z - prep preprocessor for fortran

scpp.tar.Z - scpp selective C preprocessor

TCL - for those persons who want TCL as their scripting language.

unc.tar.Z - unc 68000 disassembler

vforth.tar.Z - vforth a VAX forth interpreter (written in assembler)

xlisp.tar.Z - xlisp an experimental object oriented language

Xref-Speller - C and Java source browser for Emacs/XEmacs.

yacpps.tar.Z - yacpps yet another C pre-processor simulator

zmac.tar.Z - zmac macro cross-assembler for the Zilog Z80 microprocessor

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