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Freefire Project - Lisiting of free security tools and resources. The Freefire Project trties to help developers and administrators in building free firewall solutions.

Security Tools - Can't find the programs you need? Most of them will be here, including COPS, Courtney, Crack, Dig, Passwd+, PGP, PingLogger, Sendmail (including all the latest patches), the shadow password package, Socks, SSH, TCP wrapper, the TIS Firewall Toolkit, WU-ftpd and Xinetd.


cops - A set of programs that each check a different aspect of security on a Unix system. If any potential security holes do exist, the results are either mailed or saved to a report file.

crack - A program designed to find standard Unix eight-character DES encrypted passwords by standard guessing techniques.

deslogin - A remote login program which may be used safely across insecure networks.

drawbridge - Bridging IP filter with a powerful syntax and good performance. It uses a PC with either two Ethernet cards or two FDDI cards to perform the filtering.

findsuid.tar.Z - findsuid find changes in setuid and setgid files

finger daemon - Secure finger daemon for Unix. Should compile out-of-the box nearly anywhere.

freestone (Site #2)

freestone (Site #3)

freestone - A portable, fully-functional firewall implementation.

gabriel (Site #2)

gabriel - A SATAN detector. Gabriel gives the system administrator an early warning of possible network intrusions by detecting and identifying SATAN's network probing.

ipfilter - A free packet filter which can be incorporated into any of the supported operating systems, providing IP packet level filtering per interface.

ipfirewall (Site #2)

ipfirewall - An IP packet filtering tool which is similar to the packet filtering facilities provided by most commercial routers.

kerberos - A network authentication system for use on physically insecure networks. It allows entities communicating over networks to prove their identity to each other while preventing eavsdropping or replay attacks.

kerberos FAQ

kerberos mailing list (RFC1510)

kerberos mailing list

logdaemon -

merlin - Can take a popular security tool, such as Tiger, Tripwire, COPS, Crack, or SPI, and provides it with an easy-to-use, consistent graphical interface, simplifying and enhancing its capabilities.

npasswd - passwd replacement with password sanity check.

obvious-pw.tar.Z - obvious-pw An Obvious Password Detector

opie - Provides a one-time password system for POSIX- compliant UNIX-like operating systems.

pcheck.tar.Z - pcheck check format of /etc/passwd, verify root default shell and passwd fields.

Phalanx - Phalanx is a security daemon that will 'terminate' unauthorized telnet sessions, that are present within a server.

Plugslot Ltd. - PCP/PSP UNIX network security and configuration monitor.

rsaeuro (Site #2)

rsaeuro - A cryptographic toolkit providing various functions for the use of digital signatures, data encryption and supporting areas (PEM encoding, random number generation etc).

rscan - Allows System Administrators to execute complex (or simple) scanner scripts on one (or many) machines and create clean, formatted reports in either ASCII or HTML.

rscan (Site #2)

satan - The Security Analysis Tool for Auditing Networks. In its simplest (and default) mode, it gathers as much information about remote hosts and networks as possible by examining such network services as finger, NFS, NIS, ftp and tftp, rexd, and other services.

Secure TELnet

ssh - (Secure Shell) Remote Login Program

SUDO - Allows administrator to give restricted root access.

tcp wrappers (Site #2)

tcp wrappers - Monitor and control remote access to your local tftp, exec, ftp, rsh, telnet, rlogin, finger, and systat daemon.

telnet (Encrypted) -

tiger - Scans a system for potential security problems.

tis firewall toolkit - Includes enhancements and bug fixes from V1.2, and new proxies for HTTP/Gopher and X11.

tripwire - Monitors system for security breakin attempts. (Tripwire - wuarchive)

xp-beta - An application gateway of X11 protocol. It is designed to be used at a site which has a firewall and uses SOCKS and/or CERN WWW Proxy.

xroute - routes X packets from one machine to another.

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