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cshar.tar.Z - cshar create shell archive file for extraction by /bin/sh

cu-shell.tar.Z - cu-shell A "shell" for CU, Kermit, etc.

dbm.tar.Z - dbm shell interface to dbm library

format.tar.Z - format String operations available in shell

getoptprog.tar.Z - getoptprog format flags for shell scripts

iface.tar.Z - iface generic user interface

korner.tar.Z - korner ksh environment converter

kshWEB - Home of Shell Curses, kshEvents, kshSchedule, kshLink, kshMenus. More Korn Shell applications on the way.

psystem.tar.Z - psystem issue a shell command with pipes

sxt-sh-jobs.tar.Z - sxt-sh-jobs patches to System V Bourne Shell to add sxt job-control features


vsh.tar.Z - vsh visual shell

window.tar.Z - window multiple window shell

Shell Scripting Sites
Archive of shell scripts
ksh93 distribution has ex's.
Unix Magazine script sources from magazine
Wizards Grabbag!
Useful UNIX utils

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