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change-sun-hostid - Program to change the apparent or real hostid of a Sun Workstation running Solaris 2.[34] or Sun OS 4.1.x change-sun-hostid (site #2)
scsiinfo - written by John DiMarco ( is great for debugging Sun SCSI device problems.
sunkeys.tar.Z - sunkeys program Sun2 keyboard
vme2mb.tar.Z - vme2mb make it easier to set up Sun VME to Multibus adapters

Dumptool - for SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 2.x from Artecon. Basic, freeware, functional GUI to dump. Be sure to have your LD_LIBRARY_PATH set.

Device Drivers
loaddrv.tar.Z - loaddrv loadable device drivers for SUN's

File Manipulation
dvipage.tar.Z - dvipage display DVI files from TeX and LaTeX in SunView.

AMOS - A tool for presentation and manipulation of audio data on SUN SPARC (R) workstations.
bsd-dyna-link.tar.Z - bsd-dyna-link routines for doing dynamic loading under SunOS-3
Solaris 2.X LPD home - Most recent BSD printing system for Solaris

Performance Monitoring
SymbEL (SE) - An interpreted language that provides an extensive toolkit for building performance tools and utilities. If you are fed up with the limitations of vmstat, iostat and sar, then this is the tool for you. (Info page, what it's about.)

Programming & Development
MTtcl - The MTtcl package gives Tcl/Tk programmers access to the multi-threading features of Solaris 2. (MTtcl site #2) - (MTtcl site #3)

Web Related
Phttpd - a freely available multithreaded WWW server for systems running Solaris 2.4 (or newer) which uses features like dynamic linking and memory mapped I/O (mostly I :-) to be *fast*. (Phttpd Site #2) - (Phttpd Site #3)

Other Related Sites
Solaris 2.5 Porting Project - this site has a LOT of the popular freeware both source and compiled for solaris 2.5.

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