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arrayalloc.tar.Z - arrayalloc 2-d array run-time memory allocation

autoadd.tar.Z - autoadd add class rosters to system

avenrun.tar.Z - avenrun compute load averages

badm.tar.Z - badm disk formating and bad sector maintenance

chsize.tar.Z - chsize change size of file system

cpumon - 'cpumon' is a trivial CPU performance monitor written in Tcl/Tk.

display.tar.Z - display display bar graph of system use

fido.tar.Z - fido a watchdog for users an machines

forktest.tar.Z - forktest test file-descriptor and signal usage across forks

fps.tar.Z - fps fast process status



fuser.tar.Z - fuser find processes using a file or filesystem

install.tar.Z - install install files in appropriate directories

load.tar.Z - load load system control program

loadave.tar.Z - loadave system V load average

lsof - Lsof lists files open to Unix processes and runs on a wide range of Unix dialects.

lumberjack.tar.Z - lumberjack monitor system logs

maltrace.tar.Z - maltrace malloc leak tracer

memtest.tar.Z - memtest malloc/free tester

mfsm - A X-Windows Motif utility that monitors free space and user quotas of filesystems. The program displays a drive type icon, a usage bar chart, and an alert bell toggle.

mon.tar.Z - mon display system activity

preen.tar.Z - preen run fsck in parallel

prwopen.tar.Z - prwopen read/write to child process

qterm.tar.Z - qterm Query Terminal


shstat.tar.Z - shstat show process status (continous)

sps.tar.Z - sps show process status

symbel (SE) - An interpreted language that provides an extensive toolkit for building performance tools and utilities. If you are fed up with the limitations of vmstat, iostat and sar, then this is the tool for you.

talloc.tar.Z - talloc interactive malloc/free tester


top - Process monitor program.

top - Process monitor program - Alternate site

top_s375.tar.Z - top_s375 display and update information about the top cpu processes

trace - prints out system call (and optionally kernel) traces of programs. It compiles and installs fairly easily. It should work fine on 700s running HP-UX 9.X, and probably not at all otherwise.

trc.tar.Z - trc tool to build expert systems

ttystats.tar.Z - ttystats report tty port usage

ttyuse.tar.Z - ttyuse show terminal usage

watcher.tar.Z - watcher system monitoring program

xcpustate - A snapshot performance monitor.

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