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ansit.tar.Z - ansit ANSI-standard magtape label program

magtapetools.tar.Z - magtapetools generalized magnetic tape

mdump.tar.Z - mdump multiple dump per tape utility

rcopytape.tar.Z - rcopytape duplicate magtapes

rtar.tar.Z - rtar remote tape manipulation programs

tapemgr.tar.Z - tapemgr manage tape drives, by restricting access to only one user.

taprd.tar.Z - taprd read tape and print its format

taprd.tar.Z - taprd read tape and print its format

tar_aids.tar.Z - tar_aids recover files from damaged tar-format archives

tptest.tar.Z - tptest magnetic tape tester

trw.tar.Z - trw Process ANSII or Standard Label tapes.

ts.tar.Z - ts tape format synopsis

tu58.tar.Z - tu58 emulate a tu58 tape drive over a serial line

vmsread.tar.Z - vmsread read a Files-11 tape

vmstape.tar.Z - vmstape manipulate tapes in accordance with VAX-VMS standards

whichtape.tar.Z - whichtape locate file(s) on backup tapes

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