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acucntrl.tar.Z - acucntrl turn around tty line between dialin and dialout

cbreak.tar.Z - cbreak Routines for managing nonechoing, one-character-at-a-time tty reads

chttys.tar.Z - chttys change modes of ttys

dispd.tar.Z - dispd turn tty into noticeboard

force.tar.Z - force issue a command from any tty

getty-enable.tar.Z - getty-enable enable, disable getty on tty lines

modem-ctl.tar.Z - modem-ctl functional replacement for uugetty

newgetty.tar.Z - newgetty baud rate detecting version of getty (and more)

ptydriver.tar.Z - ptydriver pseudo-tty driver for system V

ptydriver.tar.Z - ptydriver pseudo-tty driver for system V

slip.tar.Z - slip implementation of tcp/ip over asyncronous tty lines (4.2BSD)

tty-watcher - A utility to monitor and control users on a single system.

ttyset.tar.Z - ttyset set common terminal parameters

ttystats.tar.Z - ttystats report tty port usage

ttyuse.tar.Z - ttyuse show terminal usage

uutty.tar.Z - uutty two-ended login protocol with intelligent modem handling and uucp lockfiles

vmail.tar.Z - vmail tty interface to MH

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