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access.tar.Z - access check, interpret, and modify file permissions

adjtext.tar.Z - adjtext fill and adjust text lines

batch.tar.Z - batch submit a batch command

batchjob.tar.Z - batchjob Submit a shell script to a daemon for low-priority batched execution

bgrep.tar.Z - bgrep Boyer-Moore grep

bm.tar.Z - bm search a file for a string

bmgrep.tar.Z - bmgrep search a file for a string

body.tar.Z - body display the body of a file

calls.tar.Z - calls print out calling pattern of a C program

capp.tar.Z - capp cut and paste processor

cbreak.tar.Z - cbreak Routines for managing nonechoing, one-character-at-a-time tty reads

cchk.tar.Z - cchk C program checker

cdiff.tar.Z - cdiff Public Domain cdiff (context diff) program

chsh.tar.Z - chsh change login shell

chttys.tar.Z - chttys change modes of ttys

cols.tar.Z - cols produce columnar output from one column input

cut+paste.tar.Z - cut+paste cut out selected fields of each line of a file

Cybersight - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ( LDAP )

diff.tar.Z - diff Public Domain diff (context diff) program

diffc.tar.Z - diffc context diff for systems whose diff has no -c option

DiMaga Studios - C2PS - C/C++ to PostScript converter

endian - Quick test for big/little-endian-ness

env.tar.Z - env set environment for command execution

finder.tar.Z - finder A Directory Finder

force.tar.Z - force issue a command from any tty

full.tar.Z - full data source

getty-enable.tar.Z - getty-enable enable, disable getty on tty lines

help.tar.Z - help user-friendly documentation reader

help2.tar.Z - help2 A help command

hold.tar.Z - hold collect standard input into a file

kiface.tar.Z - kiface mappable key interface library

lit.tar.Z - lit echo arguments

mi - A program to make MIME easy to add to programs.

mkcmd.tar.Z - mkcmd expand complicated global commands

paste.tar.Z - paste merge same lines of several files or subsequent lines of one file

rpt.tar.Z - rpt general purpose repeat command

setuname.tar.Z - setuname update utsname structure on disk or in memory

substr.tar.Z - substr extract a substring from the input arguments

sws.tar.Z - sws set window size

tabs.tar.Z - tabs canonicalize spaces and tabs

TkDiff - a graphical (Tcl/Tk) wrapper for the standard, command-line "diff" utility.

unixstat.tar.Z - unixstat compact data analysis programs

vol.tar.Z - vol create volume header files for tar (1)

wirewrap.tar.Z - wirewrap wire-wrap list generator

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