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process-uucp.tar.Z - process-uucp generate MMDF mail style domain and channel tables from pathalias output

s3uuque.tar.Z - S3uuque Show uucp job queue

uniflex-uupc.tar.Z - uniflex-uupc implementation of the uucp g-protocol (uucico clone)

uplot.tar.Z - uplot extract geograpical data from UUCP maps and plot

uucost.tar.Z - uucost keep track of uucp costs (HDB UUCP)

uucp-tcp.tar.Z - uucp-tcp patches to 4.2 UUCP to run over TCP/IP

uucpstat.tar.Z - uucpstat collect statistics on uucp connections

uul.tar.Z - uul list uucp systems with jobs pending

uulockclean.tar.Z - uulockclean zap stray lock files from uucico

uumail.tar.Z - uumail rewrite address & route mail using uucpmap database

uumail.tar.Z - uumail domain mailer that uses pathalias data


uupoll.tar.Z - uupoll poll a uucp site (nonHDB)

uuque.tar.Z - uuque uucp queue manager (in C)

uuslave.tar.Z - uuslave public-domain implementation of uucico (UUCP protocol)

uutty.tar.Z - uutty two-ended login protocol with intelligent modem handling and uucp lockfiles

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