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4GL Computing Ltd - The premier supplier of Silicon Graphics Workstations, software and services in Scotland.

Application Specialists - Hardware/Software Sales & Support. Consulting Services for Windows, UNIX, DOS Stand-alones to LAN's & Multi-User Systems. Authorized IBM/HP/NEC Reseller.

Bay State Computer Group - Open Distributed Systems

Compass Computer Group - A supplier of Solutions from SUN , Compaq and Intel in The United Kingdom

Corporate Technologies - Web technology Integrators. Sun Microsystems and Oracle Value Added Resellers focusing on putting web technologies to work for business.

Computer ps, inc. - Cps provides network security solutions & electronic business solutions for Internet commerce.Firewalls, Net.Commerce,Certificate of Authority servers.

Dickens Data Systems, Inc - Dickens carries a full line of UNIX-based hardware and software products.

Falcon Systems, Inc. - Complete source of tape-backup and archiving packages.

Hummel and Associates, Inc. - Novell Gold Dealer in Dallas. Also specializes in Unixware and Windows NT installations.

ISIS, Inc. - ISIS is designated as an Advanced Product Center for SCO and a longstanding member of APC Open. The systems we provide and support range from simple two-user installations to complex server networks with multiple operating environments and hundreds of users.

Just Computers! - Specializing in Linux and Linux products.

Microfront - Swedish distribution and consultancy company. We distribute and support internetworking and integration products in Scandinavia. We also develop Unix and Windows software.

Micro Logic - Apple and Hewlett-Packard reseller. The desktop publishing, network, multimedia, Unix, Windows NT, Novell and Lotus Notes specialists in Quebec City.

Multisoft - Solution provider SCO Unix & connectivity, systems Intel based, peripherals, business softwares, consulting, enginering.

NECX Direct - With over 20,000 computer products as well as up to date information and reviews. No other store offers such breadth in product scope. Specs for each product, including a photo, are also available.

Open Systems Express! - Since 1990, the largest collection of discounted UNIX products anywhwere. Our web site contains a price list of our most popular products.

Parallel Performance Group, Inc. - Markets UNIX- and PC-based software for Multiprocessing, CASE, DSP, CAD, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Visualization, Simulation, Imaging, Project Management, Animation, and Graphics.

Personal Workstations, Inc. - reseller of UNIX-based systems for CAD/CAM, Internet integration and file/system management.

Precision Computers Inc. - Custom built systems, local and wide area networking, Novell Platinum, Windows Solutions Provider, SCO UNIX, Windows, Windows95.

Qualix Direct - provides name-brand, industry-leading add-on hardware, software, and accessories for your UNIX computing environment.

RFX - A quality supplier of high-resolution input and output devices to the motion picture industry.

Relational Information Systems, Inc. - VAR/Reseller of SCO Unix, CA-INGRES and CA-UNICENTER Consulting for Unix-based relational database.

Rorke Data - dedicated to providing state-of-the-art hardware and software information storage and retrieval solutions that meet vertical industries specialized needs through emphasizing "Value Add" support services and products.

Sea Change Corporation - provides products and services for customers whose primary computer systems are based in the UNIX operating system and TCP/IP networks.

Sirius Solutions UNIX Store - Canadian CyberStore for workstation peripherals & software.

Soft&Net - Soft&Net maintains an archive of high-quality, low-cost UNIX software products, and uses public networks (initially Internet) to market, distribute and support these products world wide.

SunExpress - For Sun Hardware and Software.

Sylvest Management Systems - Sylvest has been providing complete UNIX based solution for more than seven years.

UniXpress - UniXpress resells SCO Unix, OpenServer, UnixWare and related products such as Lone-Tar Backup Software. SCO FAQs available for free downloading.

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