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Current Time: 07:45:20 AM EST

Daily Schedule of Topics:

 1:00pm:   Let's Talk Vendors 
 2:00pm:   S/W Products Discussions
 3:00pm:   H/W Products Discussions
 4:00pm:   Hobbies - The things we do to keep our sanity 
 5:00pm:   Let's talk UNIX
 6:00pm:   Let's talk UNIX With Invited Guests (When scheduled)
 7:00pm:   Let's talk UNIX
 8:00pm:   NT Hour 
 9:00pm:   Admin Support Group Meets
10:00am:   Let's Talk UNIX
11:00am:   Let's Talk UNIX
12:00am:   Let's Talk UNIX

  • Let's Talk UNIX - Chat about anything unix. This is a time scheduled to discuss anything on your mind. This slot is also for just getting admins to talk. So it can really be ony subject.

  • Let's Talk UNIX With Invited Guests - UGU is arranging vendors to come online, talk about their products and provide technical support for those that already have the product, but whose boss will not it pay for any support. Watch for Scheduled events in the future. If you know anyone that would like to participate please contact:

  • S/W Products Discussions - Chat about any software product that is on your mind. Are you thinking of buying something new, ask those that may already have it. Backups, Graphics, Monitoring, etc....

  • H/W Products Discussions - Chat about any hardware product that is on your mind. Are you thinking of buying some Raid, printers, systems, Tape drives or Jukeboxes, etc....

  • Hobbies - We have to keep our sanity somewhow? Talk about what you like to do, other may share the same interest. Who knows...

  • NT Hour - Anything NT goes... Topics can include: Unix/NT connectivity, why NT has alot of unicies within it, just plain old MS bashing. (Please keep it clean though)

  • Admin Support Group Meets - Are managers, users, or politics driving you insane? Do the systems keep crashing when you want to go home. Your not alone. Share the experiences.
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