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GB Data Systems - We are a FreeBSD/ISP consulting firm. We do startups and maintnance of sites.

Greg Lehey - 20+ years industry experience in all system programming and systems administration disciplines, including device drivers, kernel debugging, compilers, libraries, performance analysis, site planning.

KORKSOFT - KORKSOFT is a small computer consulting group that specializes in web site design, custom CGI scripting in both PERL and C/C++, UNIX administration, and database management. Call (603) 472-2932 today for great prices or visit our website.

Memra Software Inc - pecializing in planning and installation of Internet services in companies or Internet Service Providers using BSDI, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and SCO UNIX.

Poul-Henning Kamp - 12+ years in UNIX, FreeBSD Core team member. Non-specializing specialist, works on anything below user-interfaces. Rates available on request.

Softweyr LLC - Specialize in network design using TCP/IP and UNIX, and UNIX software development environments. Over 17 years UNIX system programming and security operations.

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