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Acadix Another Programmers Editor - s a terminal-independent integrated development environment (IDE) which runs on a variety of Unix platforms. APE offers syntax highlighting, full error message processing, and works with any compiled or interpreted language.

C-Forge - (pronounced Code Forge) is a multi-user integrated development environment that provides full project management and complete edit/compile/debug cycle support.

CobolScript - is a revolutionary, cross-platform internet programming language designed for anyone who wants to do web development. If you don't yet know an internet development language, learning CobolScript is the fastest and easiest way for you to acquire web application development skills.

Easysoft Ltd - Easysoft's ODBC-ODBC Bridge 2000 (OOB) provides full access to any local ODBC data source from any remote client, such as Unix, Linux, OpenVMS or other Windows systems. A free version of the Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge is available on the FreeBSD platform.

Elego - lego ComPact is a set of tools for configuration management, based on a very reliable and scalable solution for version control integrated with a multi-platform language-independent build system, and the concept of sofware packages.

Empress Software Inc. - develops the EMPRESS RDBMS, a powerful and cost effective, ANSI SQL database management system designed for developing robust scientific and engineering, embedded and e-commerce solutions.

Icon Laboratories - offers Envoy for FreeBSD. Envoy is a ported version of ISI's popoular Envoy SNMP libraries. Each port includes SNMP libraries and header files for C development, a MIB compiler and source code to a sample agent designed specifically for FreeBSD.

Lugaru Software Ltd. - features EMACS-style & Brief-style key bindings, C/C++/Java, Perl, HTML, and TeX modes, concurrent compiler control with typescript journaling, syntax highlighting, asynchronous Internet support, smart indenting & tags, and multi-file, multi-directory search & replace.

NetBeans, Inc. - make Java IDEs written in Java that run on FreeBSD. A complete set of Open APIs are available for extending the environment.

Openmake - is a GUI and shell based build manager that goes beyond beloved gnu make.

Vital, Inc. - is the maker of the CRiSP visual text editor. CRiSP is a development tool for FreeBSD and most other Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms.

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