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Brown Bear Software - produces and supports Calcium, an interactive Web Calendar server you use via your browser.

CheapBytes - a company that specializes in low cost technical products, now has FreeBSD products available on CD-ROM.

EasyStat - is a "counter" like application. It will keep track of the number of visitors to your site, as well as gather information about your visitors such as their brower, operating system, referrer, etc.

Etherpage - provides a client/server based alphanumeric paging solution for Unix networks.

HKS, Incorporated - offers CCVS for FreeBSD. CCVS allows Unix systems to act as a POS terminal. Our APIs let people build credit card processing capabilities into just about any system that runs on any Unix we support.

journyx WebTime - is a web-based time and attendance tracking product for engineering departments and technical consultancies or contracting firms with people on the go.

Joydesk - is a Web-Based Groupware package from VirtualTek Corporation, an ISV based in Seattle, WA. VirtualTek has developed a state-of-the-art web-based Groupware server that runs on FreeBSD and allows an ISP, Portal or virtually any website running on FreeBSD to integrate web-based email, calendar, address book, message board and other features.

Parabase Technology Inc. - offers the Parabase Web-Order-System, an integrated set of web-based business applications that incorporate web-based order entry, catalog generation, shopping cart and administration.

Perforce Software - the FAST Software Configuration Management System for many UNIX platforms.

Sendmail Inc - develop the commercial (Sendmail Pro) and free versions of sendmail, the ubiquitous mail transport agent.

Vector Systems Limited - sells the MED Screen Editor for FreeBSD & HP-UX. This editor is particularly familiar to PCS Cadmus users in the German CAD industry.

VirtuFlex Software - produces a versatile tool called VirtuFlex which allows web developers to build dynamic web pages without CGI programming. It integrates databases, email, faxing, and telephony with the web.

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