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AstroArch Consulting

Ballista - is a network security auditing tool for evaluation of security postures in areas where high assurance levels are critical.

Cactus International Inc. - The Enterprise Wide Backup and Recovery System, which provides high performance backup and recovery for a wide variety of systems across your intranet.

Coolworld.Com - provides a billing package for ISP's called Internet Billing. This package was designed to handle all the billing needs for Internet Service Providers.

Covalent Technologies - presents the Raven SSL Module for the ever popular Apache Web Server. Raven offers the ability to add secure server functionality to your Apache using the RSA encryption algorithms available to residents of North America.

Enhanced Software Technologies - has developed Embedded Empress Developer's Toolkit.

Firehunter - The HP Firehunter family of intelligent, out-of-the box software solutions delivers the information you need to proactively monitor and manage your Internet services, including mail, news and Web functions. Its powerful operational capabilities and service level reports are your keys to delivering consistently high levels of service quality, improving customer satisfaction, decreasing churn and expanding revenue.

iPass - is the leading provider of global Internet roaming solutions for Internet service providers. We provide a total solution that enables ISPs to join a global network and provide convenient, low-cost worldwide access to their traveling Internet subscribers.

Lone Star Software Corp - LONE-TAR and System Crash AIR-BAG Rock Solid Backup and Recovery for UNIX, Linux and BSD

Mercantec, Inc. - develops SoftCart(tm), a complete retail electronic commerce solution for marketing and selling goods and services on the World Wide Web.

NameSurfer, Ltd. - is a distributed administration tool for DNS data with a WWW-based graphical user Interface for remote Internet and Intranet DNS administration.

Netsville, Inc. - sells an Internet merchandising system called Hazel which allows webmasters, web consultants, or regular shopkeeps to create a web storefront on the Internet.

Network Security Wizard - Dragon is a real time packet based intrusion detection system. Dragon sensors collect events based on user configurable data driven attack signatures and protocol violations.

PACT - Port Accounting and Collection Tool - is a set of programs and PHP-scripts that allows for complete accounting of snmp-queryable ports, and includes detailed overview of ports and their bandwidth usage.

Replicon Inc. - products offer organizations a convenient and easy way to report time and expenses for project tracking, payroll management, and client billing - anytime, anywhere.

RTD - provides an ISP billing package for ISPs using FreeBSD called UTA.

Sane Solutions, LLC - offers NetTracker, one of the most powerful, yet easy to use Internet usage tracking programs on the market today.

XVScan - allows you to use your HP ScanJet scanner under FreeBSD. It is a commercial product based on John Bradley's xv.

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