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Site:      ftp://interworks.org/pub/comp.hp
Contents:  The InterWorks HP-UX Library in the directory "pub/comp.hp" as
           described above. The iworks node also keeps the last 4-6
           months of comp.sys.hp.hpux online (via an InterWorks member logon
           (see question 3.4 above). An archive going back to June 1990
           is available-- contact the InterWorks librarian for details.
           Additionally, a large (~1300 line) "HP-UX Troubleshooting
           Guide" is available under the InterWorks member logon.

Name:      ftp://hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk
Contents:  Over 1,000 packages ported to HP-UX 8.X and 9.X

Name:      http://hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk/ or
           http://hpux.cae.wisc.edu/ or
           http://hpux.ask.uni-karlsruhe.de/ or
           http://hpux.cict.fr/ or
           http://hpux.ced.tudelft.nl/ARCHIVE/archive_intro.html or
           http://hpux.ee.ualberta.ca/ or
Contents:  WWW interface to the above HP-UX archive

Name:      gopher://hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk
Contents:  Gopher interface to the above HP-UX archive

Name:      wais://hpux.cict.fr/hpux
Contents:  WAIS interface to the above HP-UX archive

There is also a mail server at mail-server@csc.liv.ac.uk for users without FTP.

Name:      ftp://hpux.ask.uni-karlsruhe.de
Contents:  Official German HP-UX archive site (same as hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk)

Name:      ftp://hpux.cae.wisc.edu
Contents:  Official US HP-UX archive site (same as hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk)

Name:      ftp://hpux.cict.fr
Contents:  Official French HP-UX archive site (same as hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk)

Name:      ftp://hpux.ced.tudelft.nl
Contents:  Official Netherlands HP-UX archive site (same as hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk)

Name:      ftp://hpux.ee.ualberta.ca
Contents:  Official Canadian HP-UX archive site (same as hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk)

Name:      ftp://hpux.dsi.unimi.it
Contents:  Official Italian HP-UX archive site (same as hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk)

Site:      ftp://export.lcs.mit.edu
Contents:  The X Window System and contributed clients.

Site:      ftp://hpcvaaz.cv.hp.com
Contents:  X Window System libraries and utilities.
           contains the latest version of the Envisex and other HP X
           station software.  There are subdirectories for HP-UX hosts, 
           Solaris and SunOS.

Site:      ftp://ftp-boi.external.hp.com
Contents:  Drivers for HP printers.

Site:      ftp://lut.fi/pub/hpux
Contents:  Various

Site:      ftp://nic.funet.fi/pub/unix/arch/hpux
Contents:  Various

Site:      ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu
Contents:  The Free Software Foundation's GNU utilities, etc.

Site:      ftp://hybrid.irfu.se/pub
Contents:  X11 archive and shared libraries, full imake support,
           and all missing .h files for both X11R4 and R5, dvi2pcl.

Site:      ftp://geod.emr.ca
Contents:  GNU stuff ported to HP-UX 9.x by Pierre Mathieu.

Site:      http://www.cup.hp.com/netperf/NetperfPage.html
Contents:  netperf, a network performance measurement tool.

Site:      ftp://jazz.gsfc.nasa.gov
Contents:  bathymetry, FFT, graph, pgplot, triangulation, sortroutine

Site:      ftp://us.external.hp.com
Contents:  HP-UX patches available from FTP for SupportLine customers.

Site:      ftp://patch.external.hp.com
Contents:  European mirror of us.external.hp.com

Site:      ftp://jaguar.cs.utah.edu/dist
           Currently available in the "dist" directory:


           There is no more "hpgdb", and "gas" is now bundled in the binutils.

           The prebuilt binaries can be retrieved all at once from
           hpuxbin.tar.Z, or in pieces from the hpuxbin directory.

Site:      ftp://ftp.cs.colorado.edu/pub/sysadmin/utilities/
Contents:  sudo in cu-sudo.v1.3.1-beta9.tar.Z

Site:      ftp://ftp.amtp.cam.ac.uk/pub/HP
Contents:  ntalk in ntalk.tgz

Site:      http://www.am.qub.ac.uk/world/lists/hpmini-l/
Contents:  It contains an archive of messages from the HPMINI mailing list
           which is dedicated to topics directly relating to Hewlett-Packard
           workstations and primarily those running HP-UX.
           There are also other pointers to HP-UX information.

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