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Mailing Lists

Apollo - Users of Apollo computers who are interested in sharing their experiences about Apollos.

AT&T StarServer - For owners, operators, and administrators of AT&T StarServer systems.

DEC - VAX - Both UNIX and VAX/VMS operating systems are discussed.

DEC (Unix Only) - in the mailbody send: subscribe alpha-osf-managers

HP and HPU-UX - HP and HP-UX related syetem administration matters. To subscribe, send "subscribe hpux-admin" to

IBM AIX General - To subscribe mail to LISTSERV@PUCC.BITNET, enter one line in the subscription request: SUBSCRIBE AIX-L your-first-name your-last-name

IBM AIX on ESA - To subscribe mail to LISTSERV@PUCC.BITNET, enter one line in the subscription request: SUBSCRIBE AIXESA-L your-first-name your-last-name

IBM AIX on 370 - To subscribe mail to LISTSERV@PUCC.BITNET, enter one line in the subscription request: SUBSCRIBE AIX370-L your-first-name your-last-name

IBM RT Workstations - Messages are manually screened to weed out list-maintenance requests and then individually remailed.

Prime - For users and administrators of Prime Computer equipment: 50-series (PRIMOS) and EXL series (Unix) mail to

Security - To notify of unix security flaws BEFORE they become public knowledge, and to provide unix security enhancement programs and information. mail to

Security Firewalls - discuss the issues involved in setting up and maintaining such Internet security firewall systems. To subscribe, send a one line message "subscribe firewalls". mail to majordomo@GreatCircle.COM

SCO Unix Announce - A moderated announcements list providing product update and new product announcements supplied by SCO. Mail to

SCO Unix Products - Discussions and information can be exchanged regarding ALL SCO products. Mail to

SCO Unix Open Desktop - A communications vehicle for interested parties to provide, request, submit, and exchange information regarding the configuration, implementation, and use. Mail to

Software Announcements - announcing the availablity of new major packages of UNIX/'C' language software on the WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL repository.

Sun Managers - Information of special interest to managers of sites with Sun workstations or servers. Mail to Sun Managers summarized responses.

Networking - Discussion and information on networks using Sun hardware and/or software. Mail to

Workstations - Newsgroup to discuss software and hardware issues relating to the Sun Workstation. This is an edited list, sent out about once a week. Mail to SUN-SPOTS-REQUEST@RICE.EDU

386i - Discuss issues specific to the Sun 386i system. Mail to Sun-386i-request@RICE.EDU

386i Systems - Discussion and information about the 386i-based Sun machines. Mail to

Users Press Release - To keep Sun users informed about Sun via Press Releases. Mail to

Unix System Managers

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