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Security Consultants

Atlantic Systems Group - ASG specialises in UNIX system and network security. We provide both our TurnStyle family of security products and security consulting services.

BOFH Consulting - Basics on network and unix security.

Computer ps, inc. - Cps provides netwrok security solutions & electronic business solutions for Internet commerce. Firewalls, Net.Commerce,Certificate of Authority servers.

Cornell Computer Consulting - Offering Macintosh, PC and UNIX system consulting. Networking and Security specialists.

Deer Run Associates - A firm specializing in networked systems management and security. Training services available.

FSA Corp. - A Canadian software company specializing in UNIX security, performance, and system administration.

FSC Internet - FSC Internet is Canada's largest UNIX/Internet security consulting firm. FSC's clients include numerous top-tier corporations (e.g.Mazda, Heinz), as well as mid-sized companies (e.g. the Vermont Telephone Company) and the public sector.

Integration Technologies - Providing UNIX Systems Adminsitration and Network consulting to the US Navy. We also support WWW, GIS and network security. Private businesses Welcome!

intra.NETiX Ltd. - Intra.NETiX Ltd. Unix & Network Management, Consulting & Integration Internet/Intranet Applications Develpment

Log-n Computing - Located in NY State's Capital Region, security planning and testing; Internet marketing strategies; Internet connectivity; and UNIX systems administration.

LTTSC - Lucent Technologies Technical Services Comp. (LTTSC) offers consulting & training services in HPUX, SUNSolaris, NT, Firewalls and more. - We provide Unix,Internetworking, and Security services to a wide variety of clients.

Paktronics - Network Systems custom/commercial management and design. Available Novell and Linux Firewalls, WWW, Email, etc. Specialists in IP/IPX routed intranetwork security.

Security Professionals Group - Kansas City based security group specializing in Corporate Security Audits, Secure Policy Design, Security Advisory Subscription, etc.

Softway Pty Ltd - Softway is a leading UNIX systems software development and computer security consultancy based in Australia.

Technologic, Inc. - the leader in Internet security and manufacturer of the Interceptor firewall.

Technology Applications, Inc. - Specializing in Solaris medium and large scale server & turnkey systems with Sybase, Oracle, or Informix, as well as host connectivity communications (X.25, SNA, TCP/IP, Token Ring).

Trident Data Systems - a premier systems integrator specializing in information technology and information protection service solutions.

Trusted Information Systems - Trusted Information Systems provides network and computer security consulting services for all Unix systems.

Trusted Systems Training, Inc - computer security training and consulting company specializing in highly secure computer and networking systems, including Windows NT and Secure UNIX.

Uniforce Informatique Inc. - Advanced Unix administration, integration (Security, inter/Intranet) and development (internal, C/C++/Java). Network Management.

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