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Network Software Vendors

AMS - Networked, high-capacity automated CD-ROM solutions. Runs on Unix servers and supports heterogenous networks using hybrid 3-tiered storage configurations.

Border Network Technologies - a leader in the rapidly-expanding market for Internet firewalls. Principals at Border have been developing and implementing Internet technology for more than a decade.

Century Software, Inc. - TCP/IP networking, PC to UNIX connectivity, NFS, FTP, script language, file transfer, terminal emulation for SCO, Wyse, DG, VT and many more.

Competitive Automation - DHCP clients and servers for UNIX and Windows.

Enterprise Systems Management - Enterprise Systems Management - A leading vendor of Intranet management software and network consulting services. ESM develops UName*it - an Intranet resource and name space management solution for system and network administrators

Fujitsu ICL Networking Products (UK) - Information available on networking products for UNIX systems (Solaris, UnixWare and ICL NX) and Windows, including SNA, internet, OSI and TeamVISION.

Helios Software - high performance, easy-to-use client/server solutions for DOS/Windows PCs, Macintosh and Unix workstations.

Install Systems, Inc - PC to Unix Connectivity products, communication, network, and consulting services.

Internet Adapter (tm) - The Internet Adapter (TIA) is a new Internet access utility that lets you use popular TCP/IP software such as Mosaic, Cello, and Eudora with a standard UNIX shell account. In essence it converts a shell account into a "pseudo-SLIP" account.

Nebula-NMS (Network Management System) - is a fully distributed network management system designed to manage large, geographically dispersed networks.

netCS - Communication sol'ns for all major UNIX platforms worldwide. Packages for ISDN, X.25, SNA, advanced TCP/IP Routing, client/server sol'ns for Telefax.

Network Application Technology - a developer and supplier of network monitoring tools including Windows- and UNIX-based network monitoring software and network probes.

Network Storage Solutions Inc. - SPANStor High Performance Network Storage Software TCP/IP, NFS, CIFS/SMB, HTTP server on a floppy. Free Trialware, 1000+ NFS ops/second <5msec. response.

OpenService - A leading supplier of system management products, and offers the strongest and most scalable event management system for distributed client/server UNIX environments.

Pacific Netcom - specializes in LAN, WAN and Internet Gateways and Firewalls. Novell, UNIX, and Windows NT solutions.

PC/TCP - Super powerful and super popular FTP Software networking package from UniPress. We will NOT be undersold.

Raptor Systems - Designs, manufactures and markets the Eagle family of real-time network security products. Based on an application-level firewall architecture.

Relation Systems, Inc. - TCP/IP Networking, PC to UNIX connectivity, MS Windows, AIX, Internet Services, and Relational Database Programming.

Sea Change Corporation - Provides products and services for customers whose primary computer systems are based on UNIX and TCP/IP networks.

Syntax, Inc. - TotalNET Advanced Server: Transparent PC to UNIX Connectivity. Provides file, printer and application access for client computers - Windows, OS/2, NetWare & Macintosh. Free Evaluation Software available.

Unison Software - complete line of Networked Systems Management Software for UNIX and MPE systems.

Vision Connect GmbH - specializes in implementation and support ofhigh-speed networks, high-volume RAID data storage, high-availabilty Unix file/database servers and Internet connectivity for customers in newspaper, prepress and electronic publishing industries.

Xinet - Xinet produces software to allow network communication between UNIX machines and Macs.

XLink - Provides PC-UNIX connectivity software. Products for PC's using Microsoft platforms ranging from MS DOS to Windows 95.

XOR Network Engineering, Inc. - Provides a full range of network engineering and system support services. Integrating various UNIX platforms into heterogeneous networks is XOR's main focus.

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