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Network Consultants

Academ Consulting Services - is the home for the on-going work on the rn newsreader, the reference version of NNTP for UNIX and the Texas UUCP maps.

Action Systems Incorporated - We are a solution provider. We can configure, install and repair any type of system. We also offer service packages, as well as training. Please contact, Jason Vaughan

Coppick Group - The Coppick Group is based in Portland, Oregon and provides Internet/Intranet, TCP/IP, and UNIX Solutions.

Cornell Computer Consulting - Offering Macintosh, PC and UNIX system consulting. Networking and Security specialists.

D&D Consulting - You benefit from services offered through our range of strategic partnerships with consulting organizations and suppliers.

Deer Run Associates - A firm specializing in networked systems management and security. Training services available.

Enterprise Systems Management - Enterprise Systems Management - A leading vendor of Intranet management software and network consulting services. ESM develops UName*it - an Intranet resource and name space management solution for system and network administrators

Firehouse Network Consulting - Firehouse Network Consulting provides consulting on UNIX and LAN/WAN issues. We are proud to serve the Public Safety community and Industry.

Friedman Greene & Associates, Inc. - DC-based, full-service, & client-driven IT company. Novell, UNIX, Application Development, Internet services and consulting, & more.

INA Inc. - INA Inc. provides wide area of consulting services all over USA. We specialise in Unix/NT/Database Administration, C/C++/Java/VB development and much more.

InterWeb Communications - UNIX administration and solutions. Networking and Intranetworking solutions. Database design and digital publishing.

FSC Internet - Canada's leading consulting firm in the areas of Internet and Intranet connectivity. Complete Web solutions, e-commerce solutions, security auditing, and network design.

InteleNet - InteleNet Consulting Services offers expert Internet, Networks, Unix, and ISDN consulting services.

InterWeb Communications - UNIX administration and solutions. Networking and Intranetworking solutions. Database design and digital publishing.

intra.NETiX Ltd. - Intra.NETiX Ltd. Unix & Network Management, Consulting & Integration Internet/Intranet Applications Develpment

IPC Technologies - providing a broad range of information technology solutions to major corporations, utilities, banking, insurance, and government agencies for more than a decade.

Larry A. Walker & Co. - High Performance Networking and Contract/Consulting in Northern Virginia. XWindows and System Programming.

Left Bank Operation - LeftBank specializes in LAN/WAN design, implementation, maintenance and support, and provides LAN-to-Internet connections - including system management, security and web page services.

Network-1 Software and Technology, Inc. - FireWall/Plus a complete DOS-based firewall that bucks the UNIX trend.

Meyer Consulting - Unix consulting, including administration, custom programming, and network connections.

MindSource Software - MindSource is a technical talent agency in Silicon Valley specializing in Unix system and networking administration positions, both contract and full-time perm. - We provide Unix,Internetworking, and Security services to a wide variety of clients.

Open Technology Services, Inc. - Consulting, systems integration, and training services for UNIX, NT, TCP/IP, LANs and WANs. Internet solutions, WWW web site design and hosting. SunSoft authorized education center.

Paranet, Inc. - A select group of the most talented people in the field of computer system networking, dedicated to creating the industry's best solutions.

Opal Web Server - Opal provides system and network installation, administration, tools, and training services for UNIX and TCP/IP based LANs and WANs, and integration with DOS/Windows, Novell, OS/2, MAC, IBM, and other environments.

Open Systems Networking & Consulting - We build custom tailored, high performance networks using BSD unix. We also custom design LAN/WAN's with high performance and "OPEN" scalability in mind.

Pine Mountain Group - Specializes in Network Analysis Training and Troubleshooting.

QAZNET Project - LAN/WAN consulting in RUSSIA

RTD Systems & Networking - computer consulting firm focusing on Unix and TCP/IP administration and networking.

Second Shift Consulting Services, Inc. - Certifed Network Professionals specializing in the Design, installation, and maintenance of Networks and computer systems WE DO EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS !!!!

Span Computer Technology Inc - specializes in LAN/WAN/Internet system integration & support for Novell, Windows NT, and UNIX. Calgary, Alberta.

STMS -- Solutions That Make Sense (TM) - Practical solutions for LAN/WAN Connectivity, Communications, Internet Access, Technical Support. Commercial/Government. NetWare, UNIX, NT expertise. Based in DC metro area.

StarFire - A network management consulting company which specializes in HP OpenView.

subZero Data Solutions - Provides consulting and training services for UNIX, LAN and WAN Networking, Gopher, World Wide Web, and distributed computing.

Technology Applications, Inc. - Specializing in Solaris medium and large scale server & turnkey systems with Sybase, Oracle, or Informix, as well as host connectivity communications (X.25, SNA, TCP/IP, Token Ring).

Uniforce Informatique Inc. - Advanced Unix administration, integration (Security, inter/Intranet) and development (internal, C/C++/Java). Network Management.

Wetware - The design and implementation of large scale distributed/cooperative solutions for large companies (whew!). Mixed in there is some general Unix consulting as well.

WNF Consulting, Inc. - LAN infrastructure design and implementation consultants for medium and large corporations. Authorization and Support for Novell Netware, Banyan Vines, Windows NT, Unix, and other products.

XOR Network Engineering, Inc. - A consulting firm specializing in UNIX system administration and network design.

Xpert Unix Systems - Specializes in network integration, internet sol'ns, system admin, network security, software development for Windows-NT, Unix/X-Windows platforms.

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